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Two Questions:

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Two questions:


Is there a company who manufactures a 22 cal. smooth bore pistol?

Something solely for the purpose of shooting shot shells.


Would such a pistol be viewed as a short barreled shotgun and be illegal?

I don't want any trouble from the ATF and I'm thinking there would be.

Thank you,


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If a smooth bore 22cal.pistol firing shot shells would be viewed as a shotgun;

barrel length would very much matter.

Even a 22cal. shotgun.

I have heard (but do not know for a fact) that short barreled firearms firing shot shells must be rifled.


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No one that I know of makes a smooth bore .22 , I have a Super comanche that shoots .45 colt and .410 shot shells. It is rifled and has a screw in choke for the shot shells. It's a single shot much like a single barrel shotgun only it has a 10 inch barrel.

As far as I know if it can shoot solid ammo then the barrel has to be rifled

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Hey Lobo ,

not sure where you are in ohio but occasionally you can find an old smooth bore 22 pass through fin-fur-feather since they sell used guns. there used to be several manufacturers but i don't think any are being made now. Although ammo is available it's usually listed as brid shot or rat shot. it used to be labeled as garden shot. The primary reason these guns where not popular is the effective range is less than 25 feet and it was proven in tests that the rifling didn't affect the shot at these distances so why not just go with a rifled barrel and have the best of both worlds . At most of the CCW classes around cleveland they allow the students to fire a 410 pistol , so there are no ATF problems. Those arise when you cut down a rifle to a handgun size. Hope this helps a little.

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