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YEAH, cabin fever hit its highest point this week with me.

Just haven't been spending the time outdoors like I have in the past summers.

Shot up to the basin yesterday arrived 5A.M. took off on the quad an came across 3 lonely souls runnin 2 blowers , diggin an a shovelin.

It wasn't bad at all that early for temps.

I hit a pretty good ratio of detected targets 8 in all and 2 were olyeller samples.

1 ol Levy Straus rivet with the raised printing still in good shape.

By noon time I had had enough of the heat. Made fuel costs anyway.

Trade Off 2 nuggets for Fried Brains !!!!!


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Just researched my Levi's rivet and it conforms to the early 1900's design shown on the website

Meaning we have a rivet from someone who was chasing gold at the beginning of the 1900's out at Gold Basin AZ.

Pretty cool find this is the type rivet used after the original very rare type on the very first style Levis.

Might turn out to be a "Lucky Charm" this season at the Basin hunting for my biggest yet.

The records I have referenced says the largest gold nugget from Gold Basin area was 21 ounces. OOOOOHH BABAY !!!!!!!

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Nice finds frank, Jason has found a few of those and a Levis belt buckle in gold basin, I have found complete beer bottles from the 1890's from gold basin. Seems gold basin goes way back, congrats on the finds.


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