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Any advice dealing with black ants?

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What an interesting thread. I posted on facebook that I'm a little concerned that after years and years of having my ants raid the rubbish bin, even to the point if you drop a crumb, they're all over it in a matter of seconds. As a matter of fact, if we did not do the dishes after our evening meal, the next day the counter was black with ants.

But this year for the first time, they're all gone. Do they know something we don't know? I checked the Mayan calendar and they don't mention ants. I love ants, they tell me what the weather's going to be like. You need to keep in touch with your roots. Observe nature. It's better than Google.

Well today, I finally got my ants back... just a few. Having an insect BBQ. darn I was glad :)

You want to get rid of ants? Send them my way, I love them :) :)



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Take one of those Black ants, and make him President, he will give the other ants a bunch of free crap, and they will be so happy! They will leave you alone. Grubstake

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As a semi-expert on getting eaten alive by ants (which is why I picked Ant Man as my nickname) I found tucking in your pant legs and putting rubber bands or something on the outside to further close off access helps a lot. Then spray repellent all over the outside and on the coil to keep them from climbing up the handle.

Covering the nest works okay for a little bit, but if you are digging down into it they will still get out. Same with spraying something on the nest. There are so many ants in a nest they will keep coming and coming and eventually you will been up against the same problem.

Tucking in your pants legs and watching where you stand (and sit!!) is the quick way to get around the problem. Digging up the nest, spraying it down and going back in a few days works well if you have the time and aren't worried someone else will come along and search the spot.

Anyway about it I always take antiseptic spray with me and more often then not use it.

Ants are evil.

Paul aka Ant Man

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Ionizing Critical Mass of Plutonium! That might work.

If you Tickle it with oh, say 50lb of TNT that may work for sure. Kills Cocroaches too.


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Well we've talked about how to repel ants, how to kill ants, etc., etc.

What we've haven't talked about is that they're one of the original "miners" they dig/excavate much better than we humans do on a small scale, has anyone ever panned the dirt off an ant mound in an area known for fine gold?

It would make sense that if there's is fine gold under an ant mound that the ants would excavate the gold up to the surface during their tunneling, I have heard people mentioning that they would like to check the dirt from ant mounds, but no one has ever reported back any results.

So what say ya'll has anyone tried this or willing to try it?


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This sure seems like a lot of trouble


NO trouble, Just a few spritzes of HERBAL ARMOR bug repellent on your boots and socks( and detector loop) every hour or two. I tried it on some dedicated ant paths that I have been working on for a few days, around the house( using another method). It definitely had a repellent effect greater that what I had been doing and for a longer period.

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