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Could it be Platinum?

Steel Pan

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Just got up from working a pan and found bright shiny silvery flecks that act just like Gold in the pan.

Also a little picker of Gold with the same bright shiny silvery coloring in spots on the surface but not covering the whole piece.

After 4 years, I have never found any Merc on my claim so I'm doubtfull about it being that.

Any ideas?

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Hey man ,

I have been finding some of these in my pans as well . Mine are as shiny as chrome but are the heaviest pieces in the pan. I have been finding mine up near prescott in the national forest. Can't wait to find a real nugget of this stuff to get tested , i have been assuming mine was platinum. Can't wait to read some responses.

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I'm up stream from Downieville, on a trib to the Yuba.

I just looked at it magnified and the pieces are completely covered.

Gonna try the heat, it sure is shiny, so I think y'all may be right.

I'll let ya know what I find out with the heat.

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heated it up and it didn't change ??? Hey steel pan , you have a cool find. I always enjoy multiple minerals together

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The Chineese worked my claim in the 1850's so that may be where the Merc came from, I just haven't found any until now.

I did find some square nails, hoping they were at the old camp. Still beepiing the area from time to time hopin' for some bits of history.

Hey oredigger62, ya might try a little more heat for a little longer just to make sure.

Try a magnet too.

Jus' thinkin' out loud here,....

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2400 degrees for half a minute is more than enough time. I can turn a half inch grade 5 bolt red in that amount of time.Keep in mind that i helt the mini torch back a few inches so i didn;t blow this thing away and into the gravel . crazy part was this was black after heating and it wiped clean with a rag... really strange. had already tried the magnet , not the least bit magnetic. I also thought it might be tungsten , still need to find a bigger nugget to test. Good luck to ya man !!!

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