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Book Review: Boom Town & Relic Hunters of Washington State

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A http://TerrySoloman.com Book Review

Title: Boom Towns & Relic Hunters of Washington State, Exploring Washington’s Historic Ghost Towns & Mining Camps

Author: Jerry Smith

ISBN: 978-1-59849-120-3

Classic Day Publishing, 301 pages, Paperback

Jerry Smith spent his teen years fishing, hunting, camping, and searching the mining camps and ghost towns of Washington State, with his Father. He was always fascinated with Washington’s history, its miners, prospectors, pioneers, Native Americans - and the ghost towns, artifacts and relics they left behind.

In his book, “Boom Towns & Relic Hunters of Washington State,” Smith takes the reader on a one-of-a-kind guided tour into the rugged mountains of “Okanogan” country. It is a thrilling account of Smith’s successful quest to locate and document the state’s million-dollar gold mines, ghost towns and mining camps of yesteryear, as he brings them to life once more in the mind of his readers.

The book highlights the wild gold rush days in Northeastern Washington, from the 1860s-1897, and focuses on six historic mining counties: Okanogan; Stevens: Pend Oreille; Chelan; Kittitas; and Ferry. Smith uses historic and modern photographs, historic mining documents, personal letters, old miner’s catalogs and equipment lists, interviews, and personal observations to bring these locations to life.

Boom Towns & Relic Hunters of Washington State, contains over a hundred detailed ghost town and gold mining camp locations, including GPS coordinates. Chapters include in-depth looks at the ghost towns of Northeastern Washington by County; short histories of the local Native American tribes and leaders; Boom Town stories; Historic Mines; Folklore and Treasure Legends; Tips on metal detecting and artifact collecting in ghost towns and mining camps; and the Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics.

For more information or questions about the book, visit Jerry Smith’s website http://GhostTownsUSA.com


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