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Ganes creek week 3 results

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Week 3 just ended for some very happy prospectors. We had fairly good weather in the 40''s in the morning and up to mid 60's. Several 1+ oz nuggets on the first couple days. We ended the week with 75 nuggets totaling 11.95 oz. I ended the week with 15 nuggets with a total weight of 1.94 oz. my largest was .88 oz. I'll be here for week 4 , which starts tommorrow morning when the next 10 people show up for 6 days of metal detecting 12-14 hours a day. Dave

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Hey Dave,

What's the contact info for the place you are at? I may have to try and set up a trip their sometime soon! Thanks.

And keep the reports coming!


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YAHOO DAVE :thumbsupanim Ganes has been a real eyeopener for many folks. I would really appreciate any photos or stories as I have read/seen many hundreds of pix throughout the years and what a fun place. :head: Those who work hard :tisk-tisk: have found some absolutely stunning specimens :ROFL: tons a au 2 u 2-John PS- Howz the mosquitos/bears/biting flies situation this year???

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Hey Paul...hope you are safe...

Gaines Creek...Steve H wrote a great article in the ICMJ regarding his experiences there...the place may stop doing their prospecting thing and sell-out...I think they have a waiting list so hurry, hurry, hurry!

this should get you there, or do a search for Gaines Creek Alaska...



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Ganes creek is SOLD OUT for 2012 with 8-10 people waiting for each of the 2 weeks left. They don't know if they will even be available for 2013. The plane with the 10 people who I will be hunting with this week will be here within the hour. We have an orientation ,lunch and then head for the first push. They have an OLD short school bus that they shuttle us to and from the daily pushes in. There are 2 pushes a day. More later. Dave

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