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WARNING chinese minelabs

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Topic: Black Market Minelab...

Posted: Yesterday at 7:12pm

Buyer beware :


more garbage to deal with--err on the side a caution and I also saw/help a phoney Garrett Infinium from china a few weeks back so be careful-John

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Yes, John, you're right. Kevin Hoagland and I were recently discussing that both Minelabs and White's detectors are being bootlegged. In fact, a very popular little RC helicopter, the Syma s107, which sells for less than $25.00, is also being cloned so carefully nobody seems to know which is which. Mind-boggling. Tons of AU to you too. HH Jim

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Very true and they are JUNK! Folks are trying to blame anybody after getting burned so how do ya buy a used one?

Check serial # and call Minelab or a local dealer for verification

Take the detector to an authorized dealer before buying as we now have a gizmo for checking detectors due to all the fakes

ONLY buy from an authorized dealer when purchasing new or expect to get burned, too good a deal will likely be just that!

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Yeah, Bill and I were dealing with some guy on Twitter who is from Turkey last week or so. He was crying foul to the Twitterverse about how Minelab cheated him because he bought a fake.

He was all f-this and f-that about ML. I believe he finally got a clue that we weren't going to join his bandwagon of one. I really had to keep my tongue in check and try to remain calm in the face of an irrational person.

Got a few nice private messages (Direct Messages in Twit-speak) from ML thanking me for being calm and trying to explain. He has apparently been sending them email and such as well.

You either buy used and check the SN or have a dealer hook it up to the scanner or buy new from an authorized dealer... or you pull the trigger in your own game of Minelab-roulette with five holes filled.

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CAVEAT EMPTOR as in buyer beware. Ifn' ya buy in haste your casha jus' might go to waste as a educated buyer is a happy buyer and that's why I posted this info,NOT to bash Minelab--as I'm sure they're plenty PO'd at this copy issue. You should have heard the Garrett folks when I sent'm pix and how the BRAND NEW Infinium was a great buy at $189........ :*&$*(: :arrowheadsmiley::th: John

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