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If i use my spell checker and try to post it will lock up and not go through.

If I make a correction to the post it will not go through but yet I can use the Edit funtion after the post goes through and it works fine.

If I start a reply to a post and leave the page to find some info and come back the post will not go through.

I alway ending up Coping and Pasting what I write to a new fresh reply page or new start up thread.


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Na! Quest aka Centrey Link

HF is that wireless internet? Would you say it's fast or slow?


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DSL I just have DSL no Home Phone. Just pay for the Wire and Internet. 1.28Mb Most of the time . Need to come up with something better . This Chit is costing me $45.00 a month.

We don't have any affordable Wireless here.

We just turned off our Verizon phone and went to Trak Phone. We hardly use the thing and that was $45.00 a month.

We get away with $10.00 a month on the Trak Phone.

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My Virgin Mobile says 3.1 mb but that's bs. Many times I can't even get a connection for over 24 hours and then when I get one most of the time it's very slow but sometimes it's very quick but uploads are always very slow. I pay 20 bucks a month for 1 gig of service which 300 megs is bad data. lol! But if I u-tube and download songs and movies it would cost more. I have a few others I could try but cost much more. They say i'm on the outskirts of the signal which is bs too. I got a friend of mine just north of me about 75 yards. He has verizon and get's excellent 3g service. Go figure. The towers are south of us. Plus he don't even have to use an antenna but I do. And his modem is the same model as mine. But I have become use to it now.

Funny you mentioned track tracfone. I just bought a touch screen Net10 which is owned by tracfone. They have better plans then the tracfone so some say. I'm going to go with the 60 dollar card which has 900 minutes and last 90 days. And the good thing the minutes roll over if I have any left. But I can't use it until my Go Phone runs outa minutes. sniff...


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Trak Phone is ran on Verisons Towers. If Verizon works so will Trak Phone.

Verizone wants a Bomb for there phones and A Phone that will even do Video from Trak phone is only $20.00. That one has a SM Card you can do with your computer.

I scewed up and got the wrong one that only does still photos and you have to E-Mail the photo's out of the Phone.

Verizon does not have Stand Alone Internet here yet. The Phones work but Clumsy and Eats time up.

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