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New Coinshooter, Jewelry & Relic Hunter 101: Where to Hunt

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One of the important factors for beginning coinshooters, jewelry and relic hunters, is where you detect - location. If you are just looking in local playgrounds and parks, you are looking in the same place as everybody else since 1980. You need to research places people gathered in the PAST (1870 - 1950). You need to start thinking outside the box and be prepared to do a little work with your head, not just your detector.

Here is a great list of 70-places to start looking when you venture off the gold claims. I hope it gets your juices flowing and your metal detector beeping. Get out there and get you some!

A Few Land Sites to Get You Started:

1) Old Schools

2) City/Town Parks

3) Circus/Fair Sites

4) Old Churches (DO NOT DETECT GRAVE SITES!!!!)

5) Old Homestead Sites

6) Swimming Holes and Areas

7) Picnic Groves

8) Athletic Fields

9) Scout Camps

10) Rodeo Arenas

11) Campgrounds

12) Ghost Towns

13) Beaches

14) Old Taverns

15) Roadside Rest Stops

16) Sidewalk Grassy Strips

17) Amusement Parks

18) Rural Mailboxes

19) Reunion Areas

20) Revival sites

21) Fort Sites

22) Winter Sledding Areas

23) Lookout/Overlook Sites

24) Church Supper Groves

25) Fishing Spots

26) Fishing Camps

27) Resorts

28) Old Barns and Outbuildings

29) Battle Sites

30) Band Shells

31) Racetracks

32) Rural Boundary Walls

33) Roadside Fruit and Vegetable Stands

34) Under Seaside Boardwalks

35) Flea Market Areas

36) Ski Slopes

37) Drive Ins

38) Canal Paths

39) Vacant Lots

40) Motels

41) College Campuses

42) Farmer Market Areas

43) Town Squares

44) Urban Yards and Backyards

45) Disaster Sites

46) Areas Around Skating Ponds

47) Hunting Lodges and Camps

48) Mining Camps

49) Railroad Grades, Stations and Junctions

50) Hiking Trails

51) Waterfalls

52) Rural Dance Sites

53) Lover's Lanes

54) Areas Adjacent to Historical Markers

55) Old Gas Stations and General Stores

56) Fence Posts

57) Chicken Houses

58) Bridges and Fords

59) Flower Beds

60) Playgrounds

61) Old Garbage Dumps

62) Cloth Lines

63) Military Camp and Cantonment Sites

64) Wells and Outhouses

65) Abandoned Houses and Structures

66) Areas where Old Trails Cross County or State Boundaries

67) Piles of Scraped Soil at Construction Sites

68) Old Stone Quarries

69) Areas Around Old Abandoned Cemeteries in the Forest

70) Junctions of Abandoned Roads (crossroads)


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Awesome post Terry !!!!

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Mr. T.....sure wish you had been around with that list when I first started coin beeping in 1964.....back then

I really had to work to find info on most of the sites you just listed.....I think now days a beginner would have

it much easier with computers and such.....but then again when I started no one else was doing it and every

place I went to for years was virgin ground....

Reading your list sure brought back some great memories....you may be to young to remember the magazine

True Treasure but that was like a bible to me....

Thanks for the great post.....

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AND #1 advice for beach hunters is go where the rich folks go as their immense egos mandate the wearing of righteously expensive jewelry to the beach. THEN you get it in places like Laguna Nigel,Malibu,Corona Del Mar and not public poorman public beaches like huntington,seal and such. A few miles makes many $10's a thousands in differences-John

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