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I can't ID this cool looking rock! Can you?

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I was out in the El Paso Mtn range a few weeks ago and came across this cool looking rock. I have looked through Simon & Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals, and National Audubon Society Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals and there is nothing I can find in either one that resembles it. It is 4" Long x 3.5" Wide x 2.5" Tall and weighs exactly 1.5 pounds. It is bluish gray in color and has a very smooth waxy texture. I am attaching 3 photos of the rock. The first was taken inside with artificial light and a flash. The second was taken outside in direct sunlight with a flash. The third was taken outside in direct sunlight with no flash. Any help would be appreciated. I just don't know where else to look.




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Have you done a streak test yet Chris? Color of streak? Is it magnetic? Is it a more agate like material or.....

I am thinking Hematite or Magnetite, but very hard to tell from photos what the color or hardness is....

Hematite = brick red or rust color streak

Magnetite = grey black greasy looking streak

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Bill....a streak test on 3 different ceramic surfaces show absolutely no streak at all. The rock is not magnetic, not even a little bit. The texture on the outside is very smooth, almost glass-like. The color is a greenish-blue color. Can't really think of anything to compare it to.

Looking at the rock with a 30x loupe, I do not see any quartz at all. Thanks.

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Ok Cris, to begin with, all rocks (with the exception of meteorites) are basically one of three types, sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic. Metamorphics are the trickyest because they begin their existance as sedimentary, igneous, or both. Additionally you confuse me when you say "magnetic". Are you sayin you can't get a piece of iron to stick to it, like a nail, or, are you sayin a magnet won't stick to it because there is NO iron present in the specimen? I've never had a rock that would pick up nails like a magnet, but I do have magnets that will pick up or stick to anything that had iron in it's composition. (With the exception of pyrite and pyrite concretions) Your rock looks like, (without bein able to get a good look in person, with a 20x loupe), a water-worn schist, or blue-schist which began it's existance as a sedimentary shale composed mostly of organics but eventually metamorphosed from heat, pressure, and time to slate, then, eventually to schist composed with various percentages of Al, Mg, with the Al and Mg makin it look blueish in color.When you, fer sure can't figure out what it IS, it can be easyer to figure out what it is NOT, after havin figured that out(what it's not), then whatever's left, that's what it more likely is.So, until you and the rest of us, get PHD's in geo-chemistry, and then turn our homes into full-blown geology labs, all we can do is a few simple tests, scratch our pods, then go hand it to a 5yr. PhD. geo-chemistry major and ask him. :grr01::D

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