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Here it is... Marcn 29.... Before I try to answer Dakota Slims question on another post

later today... I have a heart filled Thanks I most try to express:

It is friends like Bill Southern that are a rare to find... Over the years Bill has been one of the

best, most kind, and one of the most understanding individuals that are out there.

Through my lack of computer skills, Bill without my knowledge or asking fixed my glitch

so I could again be able to access this forum... Then again he added the photo of me

so I'm no longer just a shadow... I do not even know where the photo came from. But
I'm standing at the back of my 1979 Ford 150 4-wheel drive truck with a camper shell.

Somehow I believe years ago I may have seen Bill in a similar rig while out in the

Rattlesnake/McClure area... Could it be? However, I briefly met Bill while at GPAA

outing near Rich Hill....

But to get to the point of what I'm trying to say: Bill.... Thank You for opening a new

door for me with this "Jim Straight here." Like me I know you will slog on... But with

your abiility and strength you will through your leadership continue to make a positive and

everlasting impact on all of us who are fortunate be on this forum... Jim Straight

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A  funny about Jim.   He took a WW2 era mine sweep metal detector to a coin contest at Rancho Jurupa... The detector had no battery and  was not working.  He went into the field and picked up visible

The word is out that Jim has passed away. I last saw and spoke with Jim a bit over a year ago. He spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in the ICMJ booth with me at the Pomona GPAA show. He

Bill what I'm trying to say and continue to say it badly, but at my age I'm on my way out. I've had my 15 seconds of fame years ago... My day is past. I liken myself as a caboose on a train... Thus

Posted Images

Okay Dakota Slim... Yep Rademacher is in my back yard... However it is an old district dating back to

the finding of hardrock gold at the Yellow Aster. Thus, the Rademacher itchy feet prospectors shifted

their interest to the Rand District. But to answer your question Dibblee, Troxel and Morton have briefly

refered to it. However I have found only one reference to Rademacher--- it is vague and does not mention

placer (but 200 ft hardrock shafts and 1500 ft shaft S1/4 sec 29~T27S R40E MDM 5mi. SSW of Ridgecrest),

... page 180 Calif. Div. of Mines and Geology~~~ Mines and Mineral Resources of Kern County

California... County Report 1... Troxel and Morton 1962... However I do know other minerals then gold

have been found in the District which is said to be about 50 sq/miles.

Try a search engine re Rademacher and you will find more info...

However I know about 10 or more years ago at Barnes & Noble there was a large 330 page book:

Geolgical Evolution of the Mojave Desert and SW Basin... it had info on the geology a larger area

which included the Rademacher district. But I feel that there are many other areas with more

potentual, so I'm not Bullish on Rademacher... it is on the northside of the Garlock fault and my

interest more on the southside. I could add more, but I'm a slow hunt and peck two finger typest and

on slow dialup... I would like to meet you sometime around Randsburg. You seem to be interested in

lesser known areas... My Best... jim

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Whoops getting old...more than one shaft... the deepest is a 250 ft shaft and the

longest drift is 1500 ft... but I wonder if is a crosscut between shafts instead of a drift...

This refernce is vague and dates back to 1957... sorry... jim

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Hi Jim. Thank you. I have an interest in all old mining areas and would love to meet up with you. I'll be in the Randsburg area for the next couple of weeks. I'll send you a PM.

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Dakota Slim... my email is jimstraig@earthlink.net...

I would write more but behind in my household duties... Jim

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If you want the full version of your picture i have it Jim. Found it on some web site. hehe!

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WOW... Rimshot ol' Buddy... You tracked me down... I did not know this. As I remember Gloria

took the photo. I just returned from a week in Nevada and Gloria had me pose for it. Gosh, I

believe I was holding my Garrett Infinum. Your "hehe!" sounds sorta Devil'ish... I'm brave &

strong... me Tarzan... so go for what you have in mind... :old:

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Okie dokie. lol! You really look good in this picture. How did you like the infinium Jim? Has it got any depth to it?

I'd like to know the pros and cons about it....I been thinking...


Edited by Rimshot
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I barely remember Gloria taking this photo. I'm standing behind my 1979 4-wheel drive

F-150 with a camper shell. I remember the occasion as I had returned from spending

a week in Northern Nevada detecting pushes at Oakie Jims Lunker Hill propertry

above Imlay, The nugget is about 105 grains and I found it "out of the channel" on the

edge of the push. It was only about 5-inches into what was in late afternoon now a

hard sundried clay.... I had to carefully chisle it out. Oakie and cat-skinner Tim Dale

followed through the next morning and were back in the channel... I named it Bella's

Nugget as I found on the day she was born April 10 2002. I wrote an article and it was

accepted and published in the ICMJ.... This photo was not used and I'm surprised

to see it as you know this is the same photo the Bill found and posted as my photo.

There is a similar photo of me taken by Gloria. However it is black & white was it used in

the January 2004 in Eastern & Western Treasure Magazine... my Free-lance field test of

the Minelab Eureka Gold.

I still have my Garrett Infinium... Up to recently I used it at the California beaches. I hope

to be able to do this again. Also I hope to again be able to write free-lance field tests for

W&E again... But this is doubtful due to Ostoarthritus... However while doors close other

doors open. So rim ol' friend i have misplaced your home address but would like to mail

you some inrormation you might enjoy... jim

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I found that photo googling jim straight. Where all the pictures are. I think. I will send you a pm. lol i didn't even see the nugget. Nice one Jim!


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Do you know how to check your pm's on this message board?


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:D Howdy Rim. I have been having some minor problems but here I be... But for the life of me I have little to say.

But I will mention that the Carlin-type "micron-gold" technology in bulk mining Heap Leaching process in

Nevada is now going full bore... Now I have a question: Anyone on Bills forums wish to update us on whats

happening? As just one example a Hiachi hall truck can now carry 335 tons and a Caterpiller loader can be

controlled via a computer in a trailer! Wow.....

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Not to change the subject too much, but now that it has been explained to me. Anyone have experience with IR satellite in the narrow bandwith range, to locate alteration and erosion zones? I'm not asking for more info, a retired PH D scientist explained it well enough to me (can get so technical, don't want to even try posting info on this subject). Only certain narrow band IR satellites will work for gold prospecting, then all the settings have to be perfect. There is some kind of a handbook for using the technology.

Some places the BLM had checked by geologists who found nothing, now have alteration zones showing up on these images. There is supposed to be Gossans below surface which had never been found also. A single vein won't show up, but you can locate the other geological factors. I think micron gold on the surface might be located also, is highly reflective. Interesting, public areas with a lot of junk in the ground can show up in a search, works better for remote areas.

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Red_desert... Hey you are on target... gossans and surface epithermal gold-electrum-silver hardrock and associated

placers are now being found to be overlying Carlin-type micron gold at depth... this is why I mentioned the large tonnage

equipment in my last post... Back in about 2002 I became suddenly and accidentally involved in gossan gold... 60%

gold small wires in a "ferric" matric. We were surface metal detecting on a steep hillside somewhere in Nevada... this is

all I can say... but we did not do anything illegal... I'm listening and I'm sure others are also... and this is how we all learn

"Tailgate" jim

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Thanks Jim! Besides thin eroded veins (alteration plus erosion zones), gossans, micron surface gold, the thick veins which don't produce placers, some scientists are leaning how to locate them also.There is a science to it, people for years looked for the Lost Dutchman Mine, yet the popular search area has been all wrong.

Only one alteration zone in the Superstition mountains where gold can exist. I think a lot of people have it right now, too far and dangerous to get back there. Anyway, the edge of the alteration zone geology is where a scientist would search on the LDM.

Edited by Red_desert
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Changing the subject... there is a GMT for sale on a the sub-forum. The GMT came out

about 2001 and Larry Sallee wrote a great field test on it that was published in early

2002 in Western & Eastern Treasures. To add more the GMT has one of the first updated

"Dave Johnon 'follow the magnetic black sand'" readings to display the amount of

magnetic susceptibility of the soil... also the GMT has the ability to measure the

phase readings (ground balance number) indicating the type of ground that could be

associated with higher concentrations of magnentic balck sand...

Years ago, the earlier prospectors offset the ground balance of a VLF/TR type detector

to listen to the ground noise associated with heavier concentations of magnetic black

sand that "could be" due to specific gravity associated with placer gold... but it

needed to be within a metallogenetic area that carried place gold such as the volcanic

areas associated with epithermal precious metal hardrock ores and associated placers.

Just my early mornint thoughts to pass on for good or bad discussion. I'm leaving in a

moment to pariciapate in a seeded coin hunt in Pearblossom. Will use a cane and maybe

even a walker but "we must push on" as life is Good...

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Howdy Jim... In my last post I mentioned I was going to a seeded hunt in Pearblossom.

Jim was there too. He has a Gold Bug Pro ands uses the 11- inch open spoke DD, and I

glanced at him during the hunt... and can Jim ever make his Machine make a happy tune:

"coin, coin, coin." As for me I got the award for being the oldest participant in the

event. But I will say I went the distance as far as time and I sorta forgot to use my

cane and as it was metal I started to drag it behind as I detected.

Now I will go to the heart of the subject regarding determining the amount of magnetic

susceptibility of the soil and also the phase readings (ground balance) indicating the

type of soil that could be associated with the higher concentations of magnetic black

sand that in a metallogenetic precious mining districts [that are associated as an

example] with the epithermal Pliocene-Miocene volcanics. This is how we all learn and I

ask to learn more as what little I know is dated... and I'm listening.

("tailgate" as I'm known among the oldtimers in northern Nevada; anyone out there?)

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Glad to hear your still out there a swingn' Jim. I'm headed to monterey for quite a few beach days myself with my gb2/tlst/t golden sabre to play the days away,see a castle,fish tank and all them fine young beach thangs-Take care-John

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Hoser Ol' Friend... Over the many years I have learned much from you regarding the

PESC drywasher.. certinly aheas of it's time. I'm glad that you are going to

Monteray... Don't become distracted regarding the "beach things" and miss finding

jewelry items lost in the sand while using your Tesoro. LOL... Let us know if you

find good things and don't get sunburned... malignant melonoma is not to be taken


Off the subject, but I will post here. I used a search engine and posted "relation

ship of carlin-type ane epithermal" Many results were posted. WOW, one was about

page 4 on this sub forum... It is "Jim Straight here - Page 4 - Gold Nugget Shooting

Forum... Some of you are now quoted... thanks for writing quality information... and

again... THANKS Bill for vehicle to make this happen. It is all of you who

collectivly make this a truly grand potpouri of information... Best to ALL... keep

good "learn'n going and comaderie going"... jim

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Howdy all of you who are out their in the the 'hinderland.' I posted the question:

"relationship of carin-type and epithermal" and this is what is now posted as "Web

Search Results" and this is my reply... What will now happen? jim

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Howdy all... I have been interested in the relationship of epithermal and Carlin-type

precious metal hard rock and associated placers for years and actually my book

"ADVANCED" as first published in April 1996 with information regarding usung metal-

detectors to locate and work two shallow epithermal hard rock and their assciated

placers in the Rochester Mining District. At this time I just added this information

as a mini-booklet to my now out of print "Nuggetshooting Dryplacer Areas" with the

suptitle of "follow the drywashers." This mini-phamplet in now the heart of "ADVANCED"

and docments the finding of two shallow veins using the original Gold Bug and

Goldmaster II in Limerick Basin. The phamplet became a popular read with the fulltimers

in Nevada after 19 years it has been revised and updated as the latest "September 2010

edition" with an appendix on meterorites. More later as I'm on slow dialup and a two

fingered typest and as such in danger of being timed out... tailgate

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Okay the above post went okay. (By the way the pamplet documents<br />finding the two shallow veins in July 1994 and this is where I<br />first met George Duffy Jr. one of the best pocket hunters that<br />I have been privalaged to know). I wrote a article regarding George's<br />exeptional skills... (ref. Picks & Pans: ICMJ Vol. 74; Nov. 1 2004).<br /><br />More for now.. My main interest is regarding the association of<br />epithermal suface deposits and the Carlin-type at depth. For this<br />if you wish to learn more about this... try a search engine by<br />posting as an example: "epithermal and carlin-type association."<br /><br />One hit may be T-BONES BIG NUGGET-PAGE 3 - GOLD NUGGER-HUNTING<br />www.nuggethunting (which is Robs forum). The other hit will be<br />JIM STRAIGHT HERE - PAGE 4 - GOLD NUGGET SHOOTING FORUM (which<br />is this sub-topic on Bills forum. later... tailgate

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Geophysical maps of northern Nevada reveal at least three and possibly six large-scale arcuate features, one of which corresponds to the northern Nevada rift that possibly extends more than 1,000 km from the Oregon-Idaho border to southern Nevada. These features may reflect deep discontinuities within the earth’s crust, possibly related to the impact of the Yellowstone hot spot. Because mid-Miocene epithermal gold deposits have been shown to correlate with the northern Nevada rift, we investigate the association of other epithermal gold deposits to other similar arcuate features in northern Nevada. Mid-Miocene and younger epithermal gold-silver deposits also occur along two prominent aeromagnetic anomalies west of the northern Nevada rift. Here, we speculate that mid-Miocene deposits formed along deep fractures in association with mid-Miocene rift-related magmatism and that younger deposits preferentially followed these preexisting features. Statistical analysis of the proximity of epithermal gold deposits to these features suggests that epithermal gold deposits in northern Nevada are spatially associated with large-scale crustal features interpreted from geophysical data.


That's pretty interesting Jim.......hmmmm.... :brows:

Edited by Rimshot
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Rim you are in the groove... Can you access "The Tuscarora Au Ag dirstrict; Eocene volcanic - hosted

epithermal deposits in the Carlin gold region Nevada" ?

authors: Caster, Borden, Henry, Cline, Hofstra, McIntosh, Tosdal, Wooden

year; 2003

journal title: Economic Geology

vol: 98

issue: 2

language: English

ISSN: 03610128

number of pages: 28

start page: 339

end page: 366

Both print and online versions are not available... However there is an Abstract available and it

is a pretty good read, But I'm unable to add it to the forum... Hope you or some can. This

example is interesting as the vaiues are related to intrusive Eocene volcanic dacite...

Most are Miocene or Eocene volcanics related to volcanic trachyte and andesites. But there are

also a few Jurrasic that are related to rhyolite... Rhyolite and dacite are acedic and contain free quartz

whereas the trachyte and andesites are saturated and contain no free quartz... Thanks Jim

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