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Wow... This is great :D ... Skip, Mike and Steve are hot on the trail.... Mike you have

opened up a new possible side path... This is good!!!... Now I'm wondering if'n I am right???

I could be wrong :cry2: ... Please someone... keep old Jim Straight "straight." ... Now we need to

know for sure who was the first editor of the CMJ.... There have always been some rumors

that the very first known copy was predated... Anyone know?.... just asking... :old: jim

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A  funny about Jim.   He took a WW2 era mine sweep metal detector to a coin contest at Rancho Jurupa... The detector had no battery and  was not working.  He went into the field and picked up visible

The word is out that Jim has passed away. I last saw and spoke with Jim a bit over a year ago. He spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in the ICMJ booth with me at the Pomona GPAA show. He

Bill what I'm trying to say and continue to say it badly, but at my age I'm on my way out. I've had my 15 seconds of fame years ago... My day is past. I liken myself as a caboose on a train... Thus

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Wow... This is great :D ... Skip, Mike and Steve are hot on the trail.... Mike you have

opened up a new possible side path... This is good!!!... Now I'm wondering if'n I am right???

I could be wrong :cry2: ... Please someone... keep old Jim Straight "straight." ... Now we need to

know for sure who was the first editor of the CMJ.... There have always been some rumors

that the very first known copy was predated... Anyone know?.... just asking... :old: jim


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WOW :ROFL::cry2::arrowheadsmiley::grr01::nutty::2mo5pow:

Skip and Mike... Ya 'gotcha me' for sure... :D Back in the 1930's (about 1937) the CMJ

started to become popular in Nevada. My senior year in High School (1948) I bought

a copy at the Ely Drug Store instead of going to the Friday night movies. That summer

I worked with the Nevada Northern RRd steel gang laying new track for the diesels that

replaced the old Baldwin steam engines. Frugally I managed to save over $630 with

which I managed to pay for my first semester at Mackay School of Mines. (Fall 1948).

Thus I always thought Mr. Hall was the first editor...

Now I go off to lick my wounds... But I will be back.... :old:

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Hello Jim, its Darryl from Needles,ca.

I have found a good looking place outside Kingman Az. in a wash area below and old mine. Their is lots of the real fine gold that blows away in your hand and have found some small flakes in the rocks.

My question is, their is calici running along and across the wash, where is the best place to work for gold? Panning and detecting? On top of the calici along the sides & the banks. If I drywash where would the best places be?

Should I work the top or bottom end of the calici that crosses the wash? :idunno:

Thanks Darry

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Howdy Darryl... Howya been? Have you joined any prospecting associations?<br />Gosh could the fine gold be mica flakes? Hope its gold... Even fine gold<br />is now worth mining if'n its plentiful.

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Kingman AZ, I bought a book once with info on little known gold placers in AZ. There are 1-2 little known placers, I believe were listed around Kingman. I'd have to check, but think the gold there was kind of fine. It seems from what I can remember, most of the ones listed in the book were rather small, the reason why not very well know.

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Hello All. I have held off about posting more regarding nugget grabbers

fine gold that blows away out of his hand as I suspect they are mica


It is real easy to mistake mica for fine gold. Small flat gold flakes

are known for their ability to float out of a gold plan while panning.

Small bits of pyrite resembling gold in color are also easily mistaken

for placer gold. Back years ago I "fell hook,line and sinker" by a friend

who had access to the chips from making keys from making keys from key

blanks... Did I ever get the "razzberies," All in fun...

Please everyone... Feel free to keep posting on this link or whatever it

called... It is not about me. It is for everyone. If you take time to

revie the earlier posts you will see we all are learning and I like to be

a small part of it as I know so little and happy to learn more.

I especialty thank Bill Southern for being so nice to me as I'm going down

while he is going up... God Bless All and keep posting...

Ol' Jim Straight

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First off I'm sorry for your loss. You don't know me but I met you once the night I joined West End Prospectors. You talked and the next day I bought three of yours books. They started me on this journey of putting together the pieces of the gold puzzle. I still read them all the time. The cool thing is the more I prospect the more they make sence. I go out to Barstow just about every weekend. Prospect, talk to my prospecting friends and we build on our knowledge base. That is what I want to thank you for. Your books and posts are such a big part of so many peoples success. Thank you once more. We are blessed by having you in the mining community.

Last night after prospecting I came home took shower and opend up Advanced Prospecting & Detecting For Hardrock Gold looking for some answers.

I came across Gramdpa "Dragline" 15 points of basic prospecting. Wow they answered a lot of questions. That was just to pages. So once more I want to thank you and everyone else here that is so generous with there time and knowledge.

Jim I live in Upland. If ever you would like me to take you to lunch or even out to our claims let me know. I would love to return a favor.

Dan Taylor

Vice President

RT 66 Miners Inc.

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Although this thread is Jim Straight here; it in not about me. I'm doing fine.

It is intended to be about... well what it is. All of us have posted a lot of

new information. I know we all appreciate Bill for letting this happen.

I was getting lost in the sands of time. It was Bill who posted the photo of me

and took a special interest and has always has been so kind to me over the years.

Dan Taylor last posted a really nice thought about me. Dan is vice-president of the

Rt. 66 Miners Inc. They are also known... Dan, I hope I got this right?... as the BREA

Ca GPAA Chapter as they meet in Brea on the second Saturday at 5pm.

One of the best seeded hunts I ever attended was sponsered by the Rt 66 chapter about

three-four years ago. It was organized by "Larry" and truly rich in planted coins and

tokens. It was planted in a wild field of knee high gamma grass. Truly the best seeded

event I have ever attended.

Dan... I hope you post more about this great hunt. I will never forget Larry and his

great ability as huntmaster... Especially as he was so enthusiasic and jumping up and

off one of the picnic tables...

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Hi Folks & Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Bill -n- Barb (Haven't met them but reading the forums.

Jim ~ I Since I've never pulled out anything bigger than a picker or thin stringer of Gold in a quartz vein (with Detectors)

I finally got Book / Follow the DW'rs from Minelab Rob. we moved to BCC, Ariz. & are remodeling our Rock/Cactus mini castle.

I haven't got to far yet (but I love it) and got confused already on Elluvial, Alluvial, Pediments & Sediment :) Goin' nugget shooting in the morning so i'll get going right now , but i may have to ask for clarification on Subjects from time to time (on book). I would like to know what you think of the Gold in Schist (not just red or Caliche) around Black Cyn. city (where we live) or Any Az. Schistic occuring gold / if I may ? Maybe I just need to keep Reading.

Wish Your continued recovery as well & Talk soon . Praying for Bill & Barb

Edited by Ken~Digs
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Howdy Ken... I sent you a pm... I'm just a slow two finger typest on dialup. I will mail

(post ffice) some literature explaining the terms as soon as I get your mailing address;

but I also hope someone can post on this subforum can post the information.

Anyone... please feel free to jump in any time... thanks jim

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WOW... I'm sure a slow learner... Bill & Barb... This is terrible. Gosh

if'n it weren't for Bill I would not be able to post on this forum and he

somehow even came up with my photo... and even to quote the title of one

of my icmj articles... Friends like Bill are truly rare...

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Bill... Rob is busy setting up a great raffle... but I know that you need some cash<br />now for "Bill and Barb." I was not going mention this on a forum; but yesterday morning<br />I sent you a chex for "Bill and Barb" from my business acct to your PO box; my books<br />are selling pretty well which I believe is because of both you and Rob... 3-hrs and<br />especialy Advanced which is slanted to epithermal deposits forming eluvial placers and<br />how to metal detect them.<br /><br />Both you and Rob have been great friends to me and I know at 83 I'm on my way down<br />while both of you are both on your way up. I have been involved in Epithermal precious<br />metal ore deposits for most of my adult life and over my early years I was directly<br />involved with them as a small-scale mining consultant. However, I'n my later years<br />I was more often in a "go-fer" relationship for several well known geologists and even<br />directors of a well known school of mines.<br /><br />Now a plug for my books... Many old epithermals are worked out; but they may have over<br />looked associated placers that are now being successfully drywashed and better yet,<br />being "beeped" by using either a VLF- or Pulse- type metal detector... Also,they may<br />overlay a Carlin-type at depth.... end of plug.<br />

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You are NOT on the way down. To many you will always be at the top. We are luckey to have people who care enough to carry on your knowledge. Thank you Bill, Rob and ALL that are here. Bill you and your wife are in my prayers.

Dan T.

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Howdy Dan... Thanks for your concern. I was temporarily overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff.

But I now have my "Ducks in order" an old saying. All is good... great with me. More about this

later... but I will let the cat outa the bag to give more about something that happened to me back

in the summer of 2008 as I was returning from my 6th high school class reunion in Ely Nevada.

To give a hint: I retraced William Prichard's circa 1871-78 Fast Freight Line from Eureka to

Current. (Fast Freight meaning large and heavy wagons powered by oxens at an average of

two miles per hour.)

For this Prichard needed three water stops for the leg of his line. The leg of his route is

now Nevada State Highway 379; a little traveled secondary gravel-asphalt short cut. More

about this later; soon as I find out if'n what I think I found is what I think :idunno: it might be.

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Jim, good to hear your ok. I'm with Bill, can't wait to hear more of your story. I was out yesterday on a new claim that our chapter just filed, with an old friend of yours...Roger Di Paolo. Roger and I would love to pick you up and take you out there for a walk around. Get ya out of town for the day on a short road trip with the boys.The desert was just beautiful Saturday.Once more good to know your ok. Let me know if you need anything, I'm close.

Dan Taylor,

VP RT66 Brea Ca.

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Today... I'm one happy camper... For over a month I have struggled to write an article for

a treasure magazine. Years ago it was simple to write and send one. Just write it out and

mail it... but that was back over 30 years ago, like in the 1970's... My typewriter was an

early Apple GS and the printer was like a typed page... Now I struggle with what has

became complicated for me... Struggle with grammer and spelling. But I have learned

good things are not easy. Today I finished the article and e-mailed it in... double spaced.

Photos in JPEG. Now I must wait to see if I make the cut... Or another reject.. But I'm

pretty sure it will be a go... I found it back in 2008, but i did not realize its value until

just recently... and it may already sold.

Thank You Bill... if it is a go I will send you a copy of the magazine... Hey Dan

Roger is an ol' friend... True Blue Roger is. We have been members of the West

End for many years.

I've been struggling to regain my sea-legs. Over a year in a wheelchair. Before that

two years in a walker and two canes. Hip replacement. good. But I still have a balance

problem related to my hearing loss (not complaining just explaining).

I now doing some coinhunting ..plan to go out to Randsburg soon...More later.it has

been a long day. Getting used to living home alone with several cat to keep my

company... Best... Jim

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Gosh Dan... all is good with me. Over my lifetime I have found as one door closes

another opens. However, one must be able to recognise the new door as a portal

having a special key opening to new challenges yet to be overcome.

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