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A  funny about Jim.   He took a WW2 era mine sweep metal detector to a coin contest at Rancho Jurupa... The detector had no battery and  was not working.  He went into the field and picked up visible

The word is out that Jim has passed away. I last saw and spoke with Jim a bit over a year ago. He spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in the ICMJ booth with me at the Pomona GPAA show. He

Bill what I'm trying to say and continue to say it badly, but at my age I'm on my way out. I've had my 15 seconds of fame years ago... My day is past. I liken myself as a caboose on a train... Thus

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The supertrax was designed by freelancer David Johnson. Thus it is not one of the standard Tesoro designs. I consider

it still a leading VLF. The discrimination mode is not hooked up to the full-tracking mode and thus non-tracking. Use the

alkali mode (upper toggle) to hunt and if a possible target zit-zit (not zip-zip) go down middle toggle and reground balance

This is from my fading memory. You can also use the disc mode as a "poor-mans tracking" by opening the control a hair

until it discs out a small iron scrap and still beep a small-shallow nugget in a trashy area. Good Luck... tailgate

PS... a pulse and a vlf are a good combination.... My latest edition of ADVANCED has an Appendix on Meterorites

and also stresses epithermal eluvial placers. Both are commonly found within the vast southwestern deserts.

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Jim I have to say I started seriously hunting nuggets with a Tesoro Mayan back in the early 80's
I still use a Tesoro lobo for coin huning today. I pull nickel's out of a trashy dump areas with it not to mention the dimes and pennies and quarters.
one time I was up in prescott coin hunting some of the old haunts and it started acting up on me?

I have been hip mounting it for years and put some serious miles on it.
anyway I jiggle the coil wire and it would go nuts.
so I take it over to the factory on white spar road. I tell them Im on a weekend coin hunting mission and I need it back asap. they said maybe that afternoon?
I came back that afternoon and they had it done!
they said the spring wire in the coil plug had come loose and caused the problem.

not only did they have it done they put in two new battery cases and resealed the coil and retuned it!
repair price $0.00
yep they fixed it for free. Tesoro Rocks. AzNuggetBob

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AZNuggetBob.. You are correct about the Tesoro Mayan. It operated (as I remember at about 12 kHz) and at this

time most nuggethunter detectors were still about 4.5-7 kHz. Also most VLF's were pumped to groundbanance and

as I remember all that was needed was to set the threshold with the coil in the air the place the coil on the ground

and then reset it to the same threshold as in the air... The Mayan was a unusual good gold detector for its time.

Rusty has been been with Tesoro for many years. Vince builds them and Rusty repairs them and their repair service

still is the best of all of the other manufactures... Bob, my memory is not the best... Please feel free to correct me any

time... tailgate jim

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Diamond Back... I have found it best to hunt in alkali with the Supertrax as it has a wider band groundbalance

and thus is more forgiving in hotrock and trashy areas. Then if a small sharply peaking zit-zit is heard switch to normal

and reground balanced of to the side and be careful to swing the coil past the target zit as it is a fulltime tracker

and if you just swing over the zit it will track out to the threshold and disappear. (The less sharply peaking zip-zips

are more often iron-based hot rocks and sometimes a goldnugget in an ferrous iron matrix

More later... God Bless ALL.. tailgate...

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Bill I have been posting on Bob G.'s thread. I recommended a copy of Volume XVI published

in 1981... By the Arizona Geological Society Digest.

Relations of Tectonics to Ore Deposits in the Southern Cordillera. Edited by

Dickinson & Payne...

Has 20 papers on various gold deposits and their environment all have been authored by leading

metallogenetic geologists and mining engineers then active at that time (1981)and their

articles have stood firm and are valid today... more later... tailgate

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Bill thanks for posting Bob's thread... he is most knowledgeable and his "learning" must not go to waste.

I have mailed a box to your store... More later... Tailgate

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Howdy all... Please notice Bill has pinned a new thread.... Don't be shy :yesss: and give it a visit. There is a

lot of learning shown by a well known fella known as Bob. So go over there and give it read and most surely

you will nod your head in agreement.

So now changing the subject there is another rising star... Trinity Au/Ray Mills.

He frequently posts on Robs forum and is becoming well known for his articles in the ICMJ. He just wrote

a book: Detecting for Gold; Adventures, Trips and Tips...

More later as I don't want'a be timed out... tailgate jim

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Just shortly after my last post my earthlink went south... Big time. I was lucky to find a local repairshop

and most of my stuff was saved. However my 'favorites thingy' has disappeared and I'm back by

posting 'nuggetshooter.com' on google; and here I be. Also back as jim straight on Robs nuggethunter


All is fine. My small scale book business is getting stronger... The july 2013 update of ADVANCED with

the expanded appendix on meteorites with the focus on stony meteorites is now beginning to hit the

newsstands. MSRP $22.95. I believe Bill carries it

Plateau Company is selling VOL 3~7th Edition well... it is his and I do not need or accept any royalty

from Joe... Also as you may not know; Ray Mills has published a large 8 1/2 x 10 book. "Detecting for Gold

(adventures, trips and tips), It sells for $29.95 as does Reno Chris and Joes book. Each focuses on

various subjects and all three are a good choice.

More later... I wish all of You a belated Merry Christmas and a Heath-full and Prosperous... and may your

poke be heavy with yellow gold... tailgate jim straight

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I have your 2013 Advanced book and even signed by you. Read it twice already and really enjoyed it.... Went back to your 7th edition of follow the Drywashers and going on my third read there. Really enjoy and learned a lot.

Thanks and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the Family


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Thank you all for the Good words and like all of you I'm also looking for a better new year with less violence

and more peace on Earth... Tailgate jim straight

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I have lost a good friend... His formal name is Robert Abendschein and maybe Lunk (Keith Semanko) may know

of him and can have him contact me. Bob posted as "Neverquit" wrote many articles for the ICMJ and also

authored a Great Book with a single letter 'T' as the title... tailgate jim straight

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Thank you jeroen.... My great grandparents were from Germany. My grandmother Tekla

wrote to German relatives but during WW-2 naturally all contact was forever lost.

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Hi Jim -

Been recently planning to head out to Eastern Nevada to do some prospecting at a little hard rock mine.

Of course not until spring when the weather warms.

I wont say where, but will be within 100 miles of Ely.

I am sure you had a lot of adventures out that way over the years.

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Mr Jim Straight, being a born and raised Nevadan, I have the utmost respect for your knowledge and willingness to share It. I am only 34 and started into this FUN hobby in 93 or 94. My dad decided he wanted to try prospecting for gold so we bought a sluice and some pans and well the rest is history. Now we do it about 8 months out of the year. Haha hunting seasons and solid frozen ground take up the rest of the year. I grew up in Fallon and lived there for 30 years. I moved to elko 5 years ago this June to work for the bigger mining companies here. I really love hearing your stories about your adventures and success here in the nevada desert.I love hunting all the places you, AZ nugget Bob, and Montana always talk about. I can sit and read your posts for hours. I have got meet smokey, Jim Malone and a few other Nevada desert icons. Thank you Mr Straight for spreading your wealth of knowledge to us younger prospectors. Take care sir.


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Dan...Back before you were born I had s lot'a good friends... One was Elmo Oxborrow whom was a

classmate of mine through our graduation in 1948 at White Pine County High School. Elmo went on

to teach school in Fallon and was a principal there when I last communicated with him... He gained

a lotta weight and passed away maybe 25 years ago.

I once spent a summer in 1945 while my dad who's main day job was as a body and fender repair

specialist and as thus was employed by the Chevrolet agency to repair several high value Lincoln

Continentals that had been wrecked and considered to be beyond repair; but as the war was still

going on used cars were of premium value. The local mines were going full scale and with so many

involved in either the service or working in outa state essential industries and as back then

the local cattle and sheep industries were going also doing well...

Dan... more later... we need to talk about mining... Thanks for the nice words... jim

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I am trying to gain more knowledge on epithermal deposits. You and AZnuggetBob have really struck my interest in them. Seems like you have done real well investigating and hunting these types of deposits. I will be purchasing your book. Thank you for the response and take care.


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Gosh... you are right about Bob. He really is most knowledgeable and a very nice guy

to-boot... Since we are posting on one of Bill's forums I know you will buy any books

or other equipment he carries in his store. (Thank you Bill for all you have done, and

still doing for me... I really appreciate it!).... jim

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