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Jim thanks for the kind comment.
There are many deposits around Arizona with high gold and copper values tied up in complex pyrites.
sometimes we used froth flotation or even cyanidation. even tried gravity seperation centrifuges. we found that after roasting,it was sometimes nessesary to pretreat with Alkaline chlorination on the gold concentrates from Pyritic Sulfide Ores to help break the bonds. I cant get too much more into the details from the last project.
I havent been in the lab for some time,been placer mining.
It sounds like your feeling better.hope your getting out doing a little prospecting.
take care AzNuggetBob

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A  funny about Jim.   He took a WW2 era mine sweep metal detector to a coin contest at Rancho Jurupa... The detector had no battery and  was not working.  He went into the field and picked up visible

The word is out that Jim has passed away. I last saw and spoke with Jim a bit over a year ago. He spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in the ICMJ booth with me at the Pomona GPAA show. He

Bill what I'm trying to say and continue to say it badly, but at my age I'm on my way out. I've had my 15 seconds of fame years ago... My day is past. I liken myself as a caboose on a train... Thus

Posted Images

Everyone keep positive... IMO the worst problem we-all face is the Ebola virus. We need to medically check everyone

coming into our country...be it legally or illegally... My Best to ALL.... Hey Chris Ralph: "Mackay was a Miner" LOL jim straight

Hi Jim. I totally agree that the biggest problem we face by far is ebola. As we type, there could be 100's or even thousands of jihadists -- with passports and airline tickets in hand -- purposely infecting themselves as they prepare to get the ball rolling in the US. They could have concert tickets, tickets to major sporting events, etc., etc. and they could have elaborate plans and the methods necessary to infect as many people as possible.
<<<Yeah baby, take the subway to the world series. Here a splash, there a splash.>>>
Who would know until after they have infected thousands and croak? It will simply be too late.
Think about this. It is all too simple. Does anyone think they have not thought of this? Why wouldn't they do it? By the time this current administration figures it out it happened, it will be too late.
The time to shut the borders is right now.
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Howdy all.... there are thousand of great posts on this electronic forum on over 22 pages on many

tidbits of information... Heck Bill could edit the redundant info such as my health non-issue concerns

as I know many of you are also having problems far worse than mine.... Hey foe example I have been

donating my blood A+ to the blood bank.... I've been a good boy and whoever gets my blood sure doesn't

need to fear contamination.... I would be truly mad if'n I got the Ebola and passed away with it...

So some of you visitors---some say lurkers but you are not... Post away with information that makes YOUR

electronic forum what it is becoming...

Au Seeker.... it is my internet that is the problem. I'm sitting sideways and type slow and make many typos

due to being dyslexic (hey I can't spell and I failed the first grade as I writing backwards). If someone faces

me and holds out his right hand it would be normal for me to hold out my mirror-like left hand for a high-five.

More Later... WOW such great information on this forum... Best to All... jim straight

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Howdy All... Does anyone know how "Montana Bob" Dansie is doing? Montana is really very knowledgeable and knows the

Lovelock-Winnemucca area like the palm of his hand... A few years ago I had the great luck to spend a day with him and he

shared one of his patches one of his patches at Placerites with Sandtrap (aka Flattire Jerry Balcer and me).

Up to recently Bob posted on the forums but not recently... Come one Bob, don't be shy... How-ya doing?

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Jim, I agree...I wish Bob would give us an update ... Last I heard he was giving his beeper stuff to his daughter in Montana and was sharpening his hooks for the salmon and steel head in the Motherload country after a summer trip to Alaska for Betsey and him... Cheers, Unc

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Another one is George White from Alaska. George posted some on Steve Hershbach's Alaska forum. As you know Steve, once owned the

very successful Alaska Diving and Mining Supply in Anchorage and organized very popular fee trips to Moore Creek. Sure would be great

if'n George, Steve, and some of the old-timers would drop in and add a log or two on this electronic campfire. Also Fred Mason has been

involved in many great ventures in Australia and Alaska way... Come on, Fred share with us some of your great adventures.... Hey, Uncle

Ron... You too! More later, don't want earthlink to time me out.... jim

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It is great to hear that you have company at home now, I will see Sandtrap (Jerry Balser) later today and will

tell him the news, we both still prospect together and I will always remember when I met you, it was just a couple of days before you fell and and hurt your hip, you came up here with a friend to prospect with Sandtrap and me. Thank so much for giving me a copy of your latest book and the info you you gave me when you were up here, I still read and reread your books,and consider myself a

somewhat sucessfull student of yours. You mention Marble Canyon in your books,In the mid sixty's I used go by there in our trucks

when we were hauling out of the El Captitan cinabar mine, I have told Jerry about it and are thinking about going up there and

doing nugget shooting in the canyon before the weather changes, what do think.

Thanks John (Desertnut)

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Hi John... Thanks for the good words... Treat Sandtrap with care as his knees are going south... jim

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Hi JIm,

Good to see you posting and getting along. I still wish I was introduced to prospecting when you were heavy into making trips my way near Randsburg. I would have loved to hang around that awesome group @ the general store.

I have been making trips there after my outings for a burger and a shake even though my hunting grounds are still a tad out of the way from there.

It's been really hard to get into the field for any good amount of time being in the industry I am in..which is sad since I drive within eyesight of my fields almost daily. I get my fix a lot when I am "downrange" and get to wander off and check out all the old mines that have been withdrawn from the mid to late 40's; Cole's Flat, Mariposa, Josephine, Coin Consumer, Mad Russian Cabin etc. I really like to look at their ore piles (naturally we never touch it in accordance with enviro/historical policies) since they were left pretty much in-situ upon closing the lands. I never touch them but also there is the most beautiful blue (chalcedony) in what looks to be rhyolitic or batholithic host rock that is semi porous. Sometimes the oldtimers were able to lap it up into nice collectable samples.

I was able to get away on Columbus holiday weekend to hit the Gem&Mineral show in Trona. Even though my focus is gold I figure I can learn a lot more about the local geology at a festinated rate getting that type of exposure.

So I have two questions I would like to potentially pick your brain on:

~First Question:

Let me set up the geological picture for you then I will ask...

I'm in a zone of relatively intense mineralization that covers a few square miles of exposure plus several square miles with shallow gravel cover. I work a certain canyon and a wash to the west and it consists mainly Plio-Pleistocene nonmarine sediments that cover a block of strongly pyritized pre-cretaceous metasedimentary rock comprised of shale, limestone and intermediate dikes. All this has been intricately folded and faulted and brought to surface by the drag associated by the main slip fault.

So I have two sources of gold that feed the field from the canyon/washes into small shallow alluvial fans that are now eolian in nature (you can imagine those nonmarine sedimentary gravels turn into what is almost like talcum powder and lifts easily to the prevailing winds leaving all the cobbles to a desert crust even as per C.Ralph's report it takes a long time for eolian to occur since wind works a tad slower). I say small alluvial fans because they were adjusted by nature...but I couldn't find out why until I dug into some more books... AH HA! This slope cove valley area was actually a cove of a certain Pleistocene lake. So now I am interested in potential what I guess would be "long bar benches" or what I use to see as sand bars a little out from the coast along the beach when living on the coast.

So here is the question.... I know it wasn't a drainage area so I don't have channel agency deposits (I mean I think...I'm DOD not a Geologist mind you) so I am left to prevailing winds of the period to push/wave action these shallow gravels into benches. Is this even possible? We can only assume there were quite the prevailing winds in the Plio/Pleistocene Epochs right? So as my canyon/wash event happened and they were spilling their guts into the lake is it possible that the winds could have pushed these deposits into benches? or longbar deposits as I found only one reference. My issue is I am not sure the prevailing winds were from the direction needed and/or were they same as the prevailing SW winds of today as I would hope.

~Second Question:

I always read about you and a gentleman named Jerry Balcer that may be from my area. Is he still around and since he seems very knowledgeable would he be ok with some contact from me to maybe ask him some question about prospecting in our immediate area?

I apologize for posting a wall of text! But as always I tend to dive head in on my interests so I appreciate any light you may shed on this one.

Also, someone posted up earlier about the owner of these forums (Mr. Bill Southern). I was completely unaware and since have made the connection to the forums/blog/store and his teachings abroad. What a really nice guy. I have watched quite a few videos of him speaking at the shows. Very informative and is now another great source of information and definitely has earned my business when I head that direction for more gear.

Hope to chat with you again soon Jim! Best to you!

~Chris S.

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Howdy Chris S. To try to answer your questions is far beyond my current ability as I sit sideways and it is slow to

type. first Bill Southern has made this 'jim straight here' what you see it. Wow over 22 pages... It is a true electronic

campfire and if'n you have the time to view prior posts (skip the part about my health as it is not a blog about "poor

ol' me!). Actually id'n you view some of the earlier posts you may find many of your current and future questions


Do I understand that you have recently visited the General Store? ... Well Sandtrap jerry balcer may have been sitting

there and drinking coffee... so just ask...Also on weekends visit the Randsburg Museum. The curator is full of knowledge

and just itching to answer questions... Now to add more... You mention C Ralph. He has a great book for both the

beginning and advanced prospectors and miners... It is a complete textbook covering all facets... "Fistfuls of gold...."

So just sit down with his book and a cuppa coffee and check the table of content referring any question and it will be

anwered. Also C. ralph is associate editor of the ICMJ and has an "ask the experts" column...

Also on this "jim straight thingy" there are many very knowledgeable posters who will answer your quiries.... But just one

at a time may best to ask.. so have a list in mind....

To summarize it takes time to become proficient in what your choice or specialty in the many branches of prospecting and

mining.... Hurridly as I don't wanta be timed out by my earthlink ....sorry about the typos My Best.. jim

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Desertnut.... sounds like a great idea. Years ago the highground above the canyon was a good choice.

But Marble Canyon my now be "gobbled up by recent military expansion???

My Best to All....jim

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Moise... I apologize for my last post to you on the 19th. Would you please rephrase a question that

is concise? Or has your questioned been answered by something mentioned?

Reno Chris Ralph has recently posted on this jim straight here thingy. I hope he will respond

to your question. My Best.... jim

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Howdy All... Does anyone know how "Montana Bob" Dansie is doing? Montana is really very knowledgeable and knows the

Lovelock-Winnemucca area like the palm of his hand... A few years ago I had the great luck to spend a day with him and he

shared one of his patches one of his patches at Placerites with Sandtrap (aka Flattire Jerry Balcer and me).

Up to recently Bob posted on the forums but not recently... Come one Bob, don't be shy... How-ya doing?

Jim I have not heard from Bob Dansie in awhile. we used to swap gold mining stories from time to time at some of the local watering holes in some of the better known gold mining areas around Az. It was always fun that we were in the same area at the same time. we swapped a lot of patches.


Edited by AzNuggetBob
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AzNuggetBob... Montana Bob Dansie is well known for sharing his patches. This is what he did

with Sandtrap and me many years ago at Placerites north of Lovelock.

Hey SoCaldiggerdan... Sandtrap was with me when I found the first nice nugget with my White's

TDI referbished 'hole' pulse on the Rand mountain slope... Actually in the same general area

while using a Minelab 4000(?)as I best remember he found a nice nugget with it. Again, small

world as he bought the 4000(?)from Montana.

I believe you now have the TDI? Again, small world! I only paid a little over $1000 for it

including state tax from Jimmy and using "Digger Bobs" settings (with a lower sensitivity

(about 1/3 to 1/2) I found a passel of nuggets in the midrange zone where due to less moisture

the ground tightens up forming a false bedrock... More about this later...

desertnut.... Jerry knows the area where I found a "large" nugget and he also found a large

nugget with his 4000... The area around jerrys find needs to be reworked just my thought

Howabout you-all get together... and... you-all know the drill... jim

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Good morning Jim

Jerry and I are loaded up and heading out right now for day, he just had the transmission rebuilt in his Zuki and also ,feels that his

legs are good to go. he has computer problems right now and can't get on line so he says HI!.

I think Marble Canyon is still o.k. I was up there last year and drove about 2 miles passed the turn of to a place just above

Eureka valley and found a amazing platinum, nugget, and there no closed signs anywhere.


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Good to see that you are able to post lately. As per your inquiry to come concise; my question really boils down to what does small wave action do to a placer deposit. Can it concentrate the deposits into sand bars? After digging into more books I was able to find my answer. Thank you for kindly for the re-visit on my initial inquiry. :D I found out(in my situation) that I will need to pay specific attention to lacustrine sedimentation as that in particular will be my double edge sword; either it will be highly concentrated up top or extremely terrible and settled deep.


I really enjoyed your post about Marble Canyon/Eureka Canyon above. I would love to hear more about ventures like that,



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moiise... Great. As you know lacustrine refers to a non-marine environment viz a marine environment. It was during the Teriary Period that

the marked the beginning of the Rocky Mountains, the beginning of volcanic activity of what is known as Yellowstone park, the beginning

of the what is known as the Colorado river, and the creation of mountains and valleys in the great basin provence in much of Nevada, parts

of Utah, Arizona, and sliver of Idaho. It was noted for deposition of epithermal deposits of silver-gold "epigenetic" and metallogenetic lodes

in Nevada,,Idaho, Arizona, Colorado (and elsewhere).during the Miocene and Plocene. The fresh-water lacustrine mark separate (not deeper

but earlier Miocene deposits from the later Pliocene deposits). The emportance of this is that the one carrys more silver and the other more

gold...The Columbia Plateau and the Colorado Plateau are non-mineralized basaltic flows... Read about the plate techtonics

Rim of fire, fissure veins etc Hope this helps and is likely further explained in C. Ralphs book or by googling epithermal placers...

Hurridly and sorry about the typos... much of this is also explained throughout the many pages within this "jim straight here" My Best... jim

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  • 1 month later...

Good Afternoon All... This thread has been sorta quiet as we all have been posting on other forums.

While visiting other forums... and not just Bill, Rob and Chris as you are doing a great job of keeping our

public lands in great shape...

But today with so many recreational prospectors out there (and I'm not picking on most of them as they

are good stewards and leaving no trash or unfilled 'dig holes and have been careful around the over

400 endangered plant species and over 13 pages long of "critters" such as well known Mojave Desert

Tortoise; but how many know (?) the desert horny toad and most snakes even the Mojave Desert

Sidewinder are also on this list. And like Mopsy the list continues to grow.

The original 1872 Mining Laws have morphed into many branches and all have no-no's

There is much Bureau of Land literature out their on about anything that is considered to be

our Public Lands.

Back in 1946 the Department of the Interior was created with a branch known of the Bureau

of Mines (BLM) being responsible for the management of public lands ant their resources

on a "multiple use " principle such as human recreation, livestock grazing, scenic beauty

and cultural values.

Now I guess you are becoming aware that some of more fervent people out there want to

lock all of us into an urban environment as they think we are not able to think and make good

judgements on our own... Some are extremists.

More later... I don't wanta be timed out

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Back when Bruce Babbitt was the Secretary of the Department of the Interior it was deemed the

1972 Mining Laws needed updating from the impact of mining conducted under the Mining Law.

The 43 CFR-3890,Envionmental Impact Statement (EIS) Surface Management

Regulations for Locatable Mineral Operations was introduced in February 1999.

Since the 43 CFR-3809 is the yardstick that we as miners are being measured by it is my thought

that we all should know more about them and even how they have been modified by the BLM's

in different states and even in different regions

Please everyone post your thoughts around your electronic forum

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The other night I played around with Google and somehow I was connected to the ELECTRONIC CODE OF

FEDERAL REGULATIONS Part 17 --Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants (e-CFR Data current

as of December 3, 2014). Part 17 is 383 pages. Wow, I'm not good in using it but it has many A, B, C, D,

E, etc. Subparts.... but as just two examples the lists of endangered and threatened wildlife "critters" and "plants"

is Huge!

So friends, here be, now in my middle 80's and just simply amazed at what is happening. What can I say.

The CFR's are a mess. This is all I can say about 43 CFR 3809. :ROFL::cry2:

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Amen as the noose tightens around our collective mining rights. BLM Colorado wants to close Casche Creek because camping is causing too much enviromental degregation, engine driven units of all ilk are out. Close this, restrict that,prohibit us and tie our hands. Sure miss the old days Jim when a honest man with a strong back and good intentions could wrest a living from the land. Now the bureauratz want you where they can keep a eye on you and their hand in your pocket as free enterprise(backbone of democracy) flies out the window sic sic sic- John :2mo5pow:

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How true Hoser.... it is getting so bad that no one... not even the Dept of Interior BLM rangers know the rules and

now just "wiily-nilly" make up (create) their own. (PS.... I like your posts on the "prospecting forum.) jim

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