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Bill.... I'm getting better each day... But I think it needs to be said that as soon as all of the current

copies of September 2010 revision are sold out by all of Straights Publishing Company venders (which may

not happen for months yet to come.)

Then, only at the time when all of the current September 2010 Revision: (9-2010 MSRP $19.95)) copies are sold

out, the July 2013 minor revision will hit the newsstands.

It is now officially known as the July 2013 Update: (7-2013 MSVP $22.95). It another of the Quality Spiral

Bound Series of Books Published by Straight's Publishing Company, now owned by Mr. Danual Taylor.

Many-- countless ... hours were spent in making minor revisions and corrections and hopefully all of the

typos are cleaned up. And WOW ... The photos are much better.

More later... It has been a long day for me... jim

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Hey Hoser... Gosh Thanks... We have known each other for many years. I have learned

so much from you.... and Gosh where do you get all of your energy!

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Tailgate, much respect and thanks for the great thread. Thanks to Bill as well for hosting the site and forums.

I'm on the Mother Lode vein near the gold discovery site and have a question or six about this area. I have mucked out an old pocket digging down about 15' and am now looking at the walls of the intrusion zone and feel like I have someone else's car up on a rack and I'm to find out what is wrong with it. No idea of what I am looking at.

Quartz vein about 12" thick with crumbly red / orange material surrounding smaller vein-lets of quartz on both sides of the main vein. Also have zones of white talc changing over to redish material. Have pulled one small vug of gold from the vein but it then pinched out horizontally on me. Have found sections of gray clay, just like you would fine in a classroom.

Tailing pile has some really nice gold so I am postulating that this was dug prior to stamp mills being set up. Mud rock seam intersects at this point of the quartz vein at about 275° and the Mud rock is full of pyrite.

The original miner dug down at this intersection so he must have had some idea about geology or the AU was on the surface when he found it. I've mucked it out and have hit bedrock with one side of the rock dipping ESE and the other footwall dipping NE. Quartz vein is striking about 355° and dip is about 45° to the east.

I have been soaking up as much info as I can on mesothermo lode gold but still don't have much of an idea of where to go from here.

Hope you can offer some advise on where to go,

Edited by GeoJack
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Before continuing on I will try to answer Geojack... But I may ramble and will say that I'm not into mesothermal

deposits associated within the "granitics" but more into epithermals associated with the "volcnics."

I understand you have dug down to a quartz vein 12" thick... It strikes almost due north (355-degrees) but about

35-degrees easterly... The foot-wall of the vein dips 45-degrees to the nw.

The quartz vein is crumbly/reddish-whitish/vuggy-gold. The country rock has seams of "good quality gray clay" (Check the

gray clay out); as if isn't an un-mentioned fault gouge the clay could have value in ceramic's.

You mention pyrite and also a tailings pile having nice gold. This I assume you are finding the gold by panning? Or maybe

a Gold-Specific VLF Metal Detector? ... All of this very interesting; but, my "Motherlode' knowledge" is rusty and limited and I

can only speculate. Gosh I wish I could be of more help.

However, the ICMJ has a "ask the experts" column and they are most knowledgeable

regarding the mesothermal granitics (as I'm assuming that you are within the motherlode granitics that related to the Sierras).

Now to get back to Bill's question regarding the NS Bible, Bill and I are getting together....

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GeoJack.... in your first post you called me "tailgate." Gosh this got my attention as

only a few know me as this... It was "Smokey" Don Baird who gave me this moniker many

years ago.

Thus... I will only suggest that you contact "Reno Chris" Ralph. He is a mining engineer;

Mackay 1982 and knows the "Mother Lode" well... Best to all... jim straight BS Geological

Engineering Mackay 1954. ....... "Mackay Was A Miner"

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It was only with respect I used your "tailgate" nickname. Saw you used it a couple of times and I would venture to guess it was given to you from someone who admired you.

We'll spend this weekend with a very knowledgable group at the Miner's Summit in Placerville. I should have a much better understanding by Monday.

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Hi Jim it was good talking to you today and I'll see you at the Lancaster Gold Show next Sat 4/12 Whoops I let out a surprise, hey Bill we have never met but Jim wanted to surprise you by showing up at the show. lol.

Jim I'll be working at one of the booths just haven't finalized which one yet. I'll let you know later and please stop by, there will be a chair waiting for you Sir.

All the Best to you.


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Hey jon... I'm glad you posted... Bob is my ride and Mike Lucas will be also with us.

About Mike... he is a Mackay graduate with a degree as a mining engineer and could

post a lot'a technical stuff. More later.... My Best to ALL on the forum; keep the forum

going with good happy notes, and if'n anyone will be at the Lancaster show, please

tap me on my shoulder as I'm hearing challenged which is a polite way of saying

I'm as deaf as a ??? w/o expensive hearing aids...

Thank you Bill Southern for this "jim straight here" and to all of you who keep it going

as it is all of us and not just me... so keep the good stuff going. "tailgate" jim straight

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Bill... You are a highly recognized and authority on prospecting using a metal detector in

desert "dryplacers." To cut to the quick you are well known and highly respected by Dave

Johnson, the lead design engineer at First Texas products (Fisher Metal Detectors).

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Bill... David Johnson is very impressed by your website. To quote him "The Geology

of Coarse Gold Formation" is excellent. As you know David Johnson's Teknetic T2 which

I have used since 2006 has "Grab" and is non tracking. It also has the unique

Bargraph display in micro-cgs which is a electrical-engineering term: cgs = centimeter-

gram-second (Gaussian)units. I learned that the two-digit ground balance displayed

on my T2 indicated the type of ground mineralization. To summarize the T2 has the

ability in a (metalliferous) desert dryplacer(s) to lead knowledgeable gold prospectors

to areas that "could be" red-yellow-brownish ferrous (ie magnetite) types of ground.

(follow the black sand feature). More later... I really hope that I'm physically able

to make the trip to Lancaster (I have a ride) and attend your presentation. I will

be as quiet as a church-mouse and wearing both hearing aids and listening... tailgate

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Bill Yesterday went great for me. My broken ribs seem to

be mended and I was able to "speed" around in my wheelchair.

Okay... gather around this electronic campfire: Bill's program

was absolutely great. He really knows his subject and has a way

of getting the information presented so all of the audience

could understand as he was informal and enjoyed audience

participation... He and Kevin Hoagland made a great team and

I'm glad That Bob Pahia and "Mackay" Mike Lucas had the patience

to take me there and back home.

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