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Old Hinge

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Definitely looks hand forged.....just like the ones we used to have on the "tailgate" of our wood wagon that

had the wood wheels....Dad would shove it into the pond and let it sit over night the day before he was going

to use it so the spokes would swell up and stay put....

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Definitely a hand wrought iron strap hinge, what it was used on is anyone's guess, from the size of it I wouldn't think it was for a barn door, to short, maybe a gate or entry door of a workshop/cabin/shed, or as mentioned could be from a wagon or other piece of farm/mining equipment.

It looks to be crudely made judging from the varying thickness and plain pointed end, or homemade, even in the early 1800 and earlier good blacksmiths were putting out very nice and ornate pieces.

There're a variety of 1800s hand wrought iron strap hinges on Ebay, but all of the ones I saw were better made than the one posted.


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Thanks for everyones input. Here are some more shots and a little history on how it was found. We were clearing out a hill to give access for emergency vehicles to the Boys & Girls Club of Oakhurst. It left a pile of dirt that the kids really like to play in before we leveled it out. In that pile they found two old horse shoeing nails and this hinge.

I agree this is hand forged. It was designed to get the job done and nothing more. Oakhurst was not a mining town per-say, it was really built as a town for commerce to support the mining towns.

The Fresno Flats post office opened in 1873, moved and changed its name to Oakhurst in 1912.





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