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With the small mono going tango uniform ( getting new one has to wait till next year's trip stateside) I have a few questions about using larger DD's switched to mono.

Is the effective size "true"? That is, if I'm using the standard 11" DD in mono, is the mono a 5 1/2 elip or less because it is not a true elip. but a hard D shape.

I know using a DD in mono will move the sweet spot to the front end of the left side---will the "tip" still be as effective as is on a true mono?

What will I be losing or need to adapt to using this method?


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Mac you pretty well called everything right.....I used DD's a lot and usually only use the mono (left side) for

pinpointing......you won't get as much depth with the mono as with the DD because like you said your only

getting half the coil size.....but I like DD's because they run so much quieter.....

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