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This was one of those broken nuggets from Gains

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One plus One = 28

The anticipation had been building for several months. A group that I had put together to go gold nugget detecting in the wilds of Alaska was about ready to begin as the little 6 seater plane was touching down on an runway scraped out of dredge tailing piles.

Everyone got there gear unloaded as we were met buy the host/owner and given our what fores and why nots.. A number of us had been here before and kinda new the lay of the land. One of the workers (Dave R.) came over to show us what he had found a month earlier at the end of the runway.

It was a nice 20 ounce specimen that looked like it had just been broken as they were doing some pushing with the cat. He explained that he had detected it with his detector and had been looking for the other piece for a month now.

One of the guys in my group (Gary C.) stated that just as soon as he got his gear stowed he was heading out to find the other piece of the specimen. A little later in the afternoon Gary comes back with a grin on his face holding onto a nice 8 ounce piece.

Sure enough the piece Gary C. found fit nicely with the piece that Dave R. had found a month earlier.

What a coincidence that after Dave had searched for a month, Gary went out and within a few hours found the other half. Put together it weighed 28 ounces

Oh yes they were both using White's MXT's

enjoy and HAGD

Allen in MT




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Allen, Thanks for posting. Those of us that are waiting for our week to arrive really appreciate the updates. It was tough last year, we only got a few details when Doug would post the weeks stats. I will spend some time in the greenhouse ,sending out juicy details of my week. So..... which guy will end up with it? Dave R. or Gary?? What an AWESOME specimen, Congrats. Dave

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Allen does anybody know how deep the tailings that make up the runway are?

Just imagine what you could do with a GPX and a 25" mono coil!!!!

With an excavator standng by for the digging......

Did anyone end up with both pieces?

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Why is it that Ganes didn't get better coverage until last yr and this, so I could beg steal and morrow myself a trip up there before they shut down?!?

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This find was a number of years back, for a few years when Doug opened his property I was doing groups to the area.

A GPX would do great if it wasn't for all the trash, and there is alot of it, big 2" bolts and nuts fron the dredge, cans etc, thats why the MXT did so well was for it's discrimination capabilities. The Minelabs go so deep and after spending hours digging all those deep holes for trash wqre yone out real fast. I would say the runway is probably at least 30' deep.

Dave kept his piece and Gary his..

I haven't been back for a number of years now, been up above the artic circle at Paradise Valley a few times.

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