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This is a 'story' about how I found this gold chain and .5 carat diamond. Much of it was LUCK!

I sometimes hunt at night on the beach if the police allow it. Earlier this week I was out on the beach with my GPX 5000 hunting as usual coming across my normal $1.00 an hour of coins, tabs and other signals. I have never found a silver coin on the beaches after many hundreds of hours but that is another story.

At one point in the evening while using the 11" Double D coil I came across a signal and started digging. The settings I had were with the iron reject on 10 (the highest) and it was in Special coin/relic so I was getting good depth. As I dig most of the time there is enough ambient light for me to see what is in my scoop but I do have a clip on light for my cap. After a couple of scoops I decided to turn on the light as I was at about 6" and that was normal for what I was finding. I took a scoop and I saw a flash and some sparkle.

I have seen this before with there being many blood worms in the sand and I thought it was this. I tested the hole and the signal was still there. I took another couple of scoops deeper and still heard the signal but I wanted to see that blood worm and I scooped back on the scoop out pile and that is when I saw the chain because I still had my light on. It was hanging off of the scoop. It is a 21" chain that is about 1/8" in width with a 1/4" claw clasp. Later I looked at it and discovered that there was also the .5 carat, high quality diamond held by another 1/4" gold diamond loop. (My best beach find!)

That would be just a perfect story if it ended there but it didn't. As I stated, I still had the signal in the hole! I dug and dug and was down 2 feet and bigger with my feet in the hole and I just got so tired I stopped digging. I determined it was 'trash' and stopped looking in that hole. About 10-15 minutes later I decided to look more at the chain and saw some of the features and I said to myself, 'This is what I am really looking for and I have never found one, what does it sound like?'

I put the chain down on top of the sand, swung the coil over it and to my great surprise and dismay ... it did not register ... it didn't make a beep! :grr01: What? How can I find more if I can't hear this? I turned up the volume on my external speaker, changed timings, turned off the iron reject and basically tried EVERYTHING but could not see it. I'm now between mad and wondering how I am going to get it fixed.

All these hours on the beach and I can't see the most valuable stuff! I get a target and by 'accident' I scoop up a nice chain better than any coin could be. Maybe I should just take a classifier and just pour sand through it and find more accidental chains!

In the morning I called someone and he told me. Double D's don't see chains very good. He told me to take a mono and try that.

Next day I went out, tried it and I can see the chain with the 11" mono. I have to dig lots of bobby pins and other trash again but now I won't miss the good stuff.

Did you know your PI/Double D could be missing some good targets?


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