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New MINELAB mod..........


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Well, that got ya in here!

We have all had it happen. Work all day on a patch or wash and were dog tired.

Time to go back to camp. HOW did the old ML get so heavy? It now weighs 40lbs.

So we hoist it up on our sholder and start back. About every 30 feet its cutting into the sholder and we keep going back and forth.

Dont dispare...............for 49.99 I have a solution.

The NEW! MLpainintheneck, relief pad!!!!!

But wait...............if you order now, I can send you two for only 50 bucks and 75 in shipping and handling!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call now........8439020802509825--285-8

Ok....Just go down to your local dollar store or wallmart and get one of them thingys that kids beat on each other in the pools with.

Cut off what you need, cut a slit so if fits over the shaft and tape it on.

I sanded the bottom down a bit so its flat.

Mine is perfectly balenced where I put it. Hardly have to hold it.

Hope this helps

Tom H.


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One question G.....when your walking over gold going back to camp why don't you beep'm?.....

I know....I've seen it many times when people are walking back to the car with their detector over

their shoulder.....I'am pretty sure even a Minelab won't find gold that far off the ground....

A better solution for me is to use a HipStick....

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I usually do...but sometimes im so burned out,cut up,tired and hot I just dont care and dont think I would dig a target even if I heard one.

Just being honest. :)

Tom H.

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Will this mod work on the older models i.e SD and GP series ?

No........I belive you will have to upgrade to a 5000 :P


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Tom can i now take it in the water??

YES! you can take it in the water..........once!

You need to go dig up some dirt...


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