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We Found an Interesting Rock.. Please Help ID....

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My kids and I were throwing rocks into a little pond the other day and we think we may have found an interesting rock..

my neighbor works at a chemical company and offered to run it under an x-ray spectrometer, and it dont ~think its magnetite...

I would love if you could take just a quick look at these pictures and let me know your thoughts... and I am fully prepared

to hear its a perfectly normal rock..

Thank you so much for your time...

here are the results;

AL203 12 %

SiO2 19 %

K2O 1.98 %

Fe203 66.09 %

trace amounts

CaO .17 %

CuO .037 %

Cr203 .065 %

MnO .061 %

CuO .037 %

Br .076 %

Rb2O .081 %

RuO2 .03 %

Sb203 .03 %

here are a few more hires pictures from other angles



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there is a few crystalline like things in there.. dont know if its quarts or what, I will take a picture of it and post it a little bit later..

one thing I wanted to ask too.. I had someone suggest Limonite...

what are you thoughts on that?

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