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Continental Dollar, I'm not sure your's is genuine, the reason being is that there are many fakes out there and the grainy texture of the field of your coin, which could be from wear, but many counterfeit coins has that same texture, you would have to have an expert in early American colony coins take a look at it to be sure, there're many slight variations of these coins, these coins were also re-struck several times the first re-strike being made for the 1876 Centennial celebration, the re-strikes would not have the same value as the original, and as mentioned there are many counterfeit coins and many "copies" out there as well.



From looking at your coin I would recommend getting it looked at by an expert to find out if it's genuine, if it is it's worth a small fortune, not as much as one in mint condition which there are a few out there, but still worth a nice sum of money!!!


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John the only problem with weighing it is that the originals though not mentioned in the above links are not all exactly the same weight or diameter for that matter, there was very little effort in quality control when these coins were struck.

Also some of the counterfeits are very close in weight and size to the originals, thus it would be wise to consult an expert.

I would also recommend if this coin is found to be considered an original, is too get it graded by one of the best grading services, it will bring the price up considerable, well worth the price of getting it graded, I would recommend either PCGS, or NGC, in that order of choice.




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Original or "fake" I am interested in how worn the coin is. I don't think it's from 1996...

Do you mean you don't think it's from 1776?

If so there a reason there is not a lot of wear on the original 1776 coins, the reason is that they weren't use as currency as much as was hope, most people in that time used Spanish mill dollars, or British currency during the war and for some years after.

You have to think about how new our government was at that time it took a while to produce usable money on a large scale and to get the population too switch over to using it, it's a well known fact that more than half of the population didn't support the revolution to begin with, so you can imagine how they would be hesitant to change to a new government's money !!


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do a google search to determine if an original item was manufactured with a reeded edge. The one you show in your pics seems to have a non-reeded edge, next check the weight do determin if it is "in the ballpark". Next find a "reputable" numismatics dealer in your area and have him eyeball it.

Most faked coins do not have a reeded edge, and will often have a cold weld seam running down the center of the edge.


digging CW relics and coins since who flung the chunk!!!

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