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Qestion about thres volume on GMT

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Is this just a volume control for the threshold or is it more than that to it..... seems to me I turn it down to low and the quality of the tone goes down also,,,, makes me believe there is more goin on than just volume,,,,

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This is from the GMT manual, page 13...

http://media.whitese...tion Manual.pdf

"Threshold Control

The THRESHOLD control sets the loudness of the

background "hum". This background "hum" must

be maintained at ALL times when searching. In

order to hear the tiniest and deepest targets the

THRESHOLD "hum" should be set at the faintest

audible level. It can be slightly scratchy, chattery or

static like but it must be constant so as to not miss

that small nugget in a silent spot. At this point, we

can't recommend too highly the advantage of using

HEADPHONES in your prospecting. With HEADPHONES

you can lower THRESHOLD "hum"

levels, you will hear the faintest of target signals

while cancelling out environmental background

noise and improve concentration.

Threshold Adjustment

The GMT has an improved microprocessor driven

THRESHOLD control that is adjusted with a single

turn. It does not, therefore, require a 10 turn pot for

precise adjustment. Digital software provides much

higher resolution, thus you can set the "hum" faster

and more accurately. Set the knob all the way to

the left or counterclockwise and then rotate it

clockwise until the faintest audible level of "hum"

is attained. If the "hum" disapears for any

reason(other than bumping the control) you may be

either swinging the coil too fast or your GAIN

control is set too high."

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