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This morning while reviewing Gold Forum I came across a new term “handstacking”. How is handstacking defined? Judging by the posted pictures it seems to involve moving rocks to clear out stream/river beds prior to chasing down the gold.

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You're correct, to get to the bedrock where most gold has settled, you have to move the overburden which includes many rocks of various sizes, the best way to get them out of the way and still leave room to work is UP, thus stacking by hand, the Chinese miners of the late 1800s were famous for intricately handstacking many tons of rock to get to the plentiful "little" gold left behind by previous miners going after the easier to get "big" gold.


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Chinamen slaved all day for 10 cent and a cup a rice a day-they scrubbed clean each and every rock clean with a brush to ensure they got it all so when you see them righteous stacker constructions forget it as they virtually missed nuttn'-John

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Hoser is right! As always.

The thing is, an enormous flood may have washed flood gold back again, to replenish the river with fine gold. And bank cave ins and erosion can bring new gold into a river again. Test the moss first, as it catches recent flood gold. Then sluice, if it looks good. I refer to the N. Yuba River, when I say this. Each river is different.

Don't go poking in those stacked tailing piles! They are absolutely LOADED with rattlers!

The N. Yuba peaked at 8000 cfs. in late April, and is down to 800 cfs now, and dropping at Goodyears Bar. NOW is the time to go into the river... its like early July levels now! Be sure to have written permission where you are going, as they may tow your car away if you dont!

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