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Looking for SGTFDA

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Hi, it has been a couple of years since I have been on the forum. A couple of weeks ago I bought a SD2000 at a second hand shop, it has the Ismeal Jones mods on it and someone on another forum told me SGTFDA has a SD2000 with Ismeal's mods. i would like to contact SGTFDA for assistance on operating controls.


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Spoke to Tom today. Talk about a screaming deal on a IJ 2000 he found it. I'll let him go into the details if he so desires. Proves this stuff is out there if you look and are real lucky.

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Yea, a great big thank you to Frank, he took the time to explain what all the knobs and switches were on the IJ 2000 and how to use them. Ismael sent me an instruction manual by e-mail, but Frank was able to explain it to me in layman’s terms.

Frank, I was able to adjust the Depth and Audio Enhancer to range of 6.3 volts and max out at 8.4 volts, I know Ismael designed the system to not to exceed 8.5 volts, so at least that part is repaired.

I am going to take it out in the country tomorrow morning and test the ground balance and all of the knobs and switches. I will post the results of my little field test when I get back, sure would be nice to get back into the nugget patch with the proper equipment.

Thanks again to Frank and everybody that helped me, boy cold beer does sound good in the hot dry desert.

Tom (AZ)

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