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How to hunt dry lakes ?

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Just spent a day hunting Cuddeback Lake. Spent 5 hours, hunted N facing shoreline, NE area, plus some other parts...to no avail. I know, I know, I've only been hunting a couple of years, so you're saying "what did you expect, you neophyte"? It's true, I need a pro's help. I went to Holbrook last year, and with some good professional help I found 3 small meteorites (2.3 gr.). I thought I'd learned enough, but noooo! Anyway, since I'm on the road, I'm going to Coyote Lake tomorrow, but not really knowing how to hunt a big lake, it'll probably be a waste.

I'm going to Holbrook again this year where some pro's will again be. I'll be sure to ask a lot more questions this year. Who the hell knew this darn hobby would be so hard! Wish me luck.

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God is not selective on where he throws rocks.

It's just easier to find them in some spots.

Eyeball finds are the Easiest.

Kinda like Where is Waldo! Look for something that does NOT BELONG!

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That area get,s hit pretty hard ,Just takes lot,s of time, keep the sun at your back,(it really helps bring out the purpleish and red/brown colors..Also mid morning and the last 4 hrs of light in the day helps ,Guess it has something to do with the light colors.

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5 hours really isn't enough time to hunt for meteorites. Most successfull meteorite hunters spend days, months, and even years to find something... It's just the nature of a very challenging game that isn't easy to play.

CdDL is a tough one to hunt but they are out there. Bob Verish wrote an article a while back that can help-


It's been a few years since I've found anything out there and I hunt the place occasionally. I tend to stay away from there because BLM and the OHV crowd can sometimes be annoying.

Out on CyDL theres no rhyme or reason to where the meteorites are, you just have to walk it. Eventually you might come across something. The same goes for CdDL or any dry lake bed.

Good luck


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Del...thanks for the tip about Bob's article. It was helpful. I spent the day yesterday at Coyote Lake (big lake!), and enjoyed it but came away empty. Found a "lucky" penny out on the lake, but it turned out to not be so lucky. Other than getting lost going back trying to find the road into the lake I had used, had a good time, and after getting more experience and advice, I'll probably go back.

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Hey, Karl. Coyote is a fun place, I've been out there probably about 5 times. You can still find the small rock carims out there that they used a few years ago when they were gridding most of the playa, mapping the strewns fields that are out there. Unfortunately, like you, I've been skunked on every visit. I chalk it up to the previous hunters being too thourough. As good as the meteorite hunting is here in so. Cal.'s Mojave, we are following in the footsteps of many seasoned and very talented hunters!

If you haven't already found the article Bob Verish wrote back in 2005 about Coyote I highly recommend it: http://meteorite-rec.../2005/may05.htm

On that same note, he also wrote an article about revisiting previous find locations after several years... Good luck, I know they're out there!

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