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My first Arraignment was today.


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I was in court at 9:00am this morning concerning my 2 citations for pollution by using a dredge in a scenic waterway. I tried to get the judge to dismiss both charges because of ORS 133.060 I read it to the judge.

Under ORS § 133.060¹

Cited person to appear before magistrate

(1) A person who has been served with a criminal citation shall appear before a magistrate of the county in which the person was cited at the time, date and court specified in the citation, which shall not be later than 30 days after the date the citation was issued.

Summons # 988554 is dated 4-10-12 or 4-11-12 or 4-16-12

Summons # 988553 is dated 4-16-12

Today's date is 5-21-12 that equals out to 35 days

You can look at the dates yourself at: http://www.cowboy444...2 Citations.htm

The judge said that the dates were very clearly 4-26-2012 and denyed my petition to dismiss.

I've been appointed a public defender named John Spicer. He's out of town until June 7th when I have an appointment with him.

My next court date is 6-19-2012 for my counciled arraignment. At this time I'll plead not guilty and ask for a jury trial. The date should be set at that time. I'll post more as it comes in.


FREEDOM- is only for those with the guts to defend it!!!


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Good luck cowboy... years ago, I went to small claims court over a tow scam, the NRS code said something similar, a registered letter had to be mailed out 30 days or before. I got it delivered registered 35 days. The judge said to me, he knows the law, and that is irrelevant, unless you have a lot of money to hire lawyers, and fight it, the judges think they are above the law.

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The date on the 1st citation clearly says 4/26 but the 2nd one i'd be asking the court to give the officer a drug test. A baby can write better then that...geeezzzzzz...

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