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Another odd rock

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I think this is my oldest find. It was found along a local highway many years ago and it looks like a meteorite in shape and makeup but it has no clear sign of a crust.

I have several small finds that react to a magnet but this one doesn't. It looks metalic, is very heavy, and has a grainy texture under a glass.

Any ideas?



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Thanks very much for your condescending reply. I hadn't expected a formal analysis only a few opinions.

What makes me think meteorite is the scooped thumb print like depressions in the one half.

As I stated before the object does NOT respond to a magnet. The "window" is visible in the center of the photo and as stated the texture is a shiny, grainy, metalic look with many small hollows or "bubbles" visible at 10x magnification.

Using the first picture as a reference the object is 2.5 inches ( roughly 67 mm) wide, It is 2 3/8 inches front to back (roughly 60 mm). And 1.5 inches tall ( about 35 mm).

It is too heavy for my small scale but an older less accurate scale puts it at about 30 ounces, just under 2 pounds. The streak is very dark gray almost a black.

The second photo of the reverse shows the rust like stains that mark one end and the light colored crust like material that covers much of the back. At 10x the back shows some slight sign of what could be a lattice like crystaline structure.

Location of the find site suggests that it was uncovered and exposed for some time. There has been no sign of oxidation in over twenty years in my possession.

I hope that helps.

have a nice day. :D

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Do not mistake brevity for condesending. You know what they say happens when you assume?

with many small hollows or "bubbles" visible at 10x magnification.

Meteorites do not have vesicles as a general rule. The exceptions are few.

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Would magnetite match the other charactics?

Again no response at all to a magnet. No sign of oxidation, or change in the surface. It is as metalic and shiny today as it was after I washed the mud off of it back in the 80s.

The weight seems high for its size. Almost like a lump of lead in the hand.

I'm not much of a rockhound anymore, been out of practice for too many years to recognise some things from memory,

Whatever it is, or was, something sculpted one side into smooth ridges and hollows while leaving the other side rough.

Find location was along the valley of the Wabash River in west central Indiana. Most rock in the area is glacial remains as the area is just below the terminal morrain. So it probably isn't really native.

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