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Snake day in the Dubyay & LSD

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Yo All ... Got out to LSD Wed. to follow up on my vein explorin' but just as I got out the door of my house to leave, I encountered our pet house protecting Kingsnake (who we haven't named yet..) He was trying to get up the wall to eat some half grown doves in the nest over our front door ... I really like having him around because he keeps both the rattlers and the round tails down ... So anyhow, I made it out to LSD and was scootin' along the trail and walked right by this little Red Mojave, about 20" long ... He didn't move or rattle as I went past him, but when I moved back to take a picture, he went all bat poop, buzzin' and raring up and just generally letting me know our previous peaceable relations had done changed ... Snapped his portrait and moved on ... Cheers, Unc



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Yo Unc,

Nice Kingsnake protecting your property there! The Rattler sure looks like a Tiger Rattlesnake from my angle , but have never seen one in the LSD. Cant wait to get out somewhere this weeekend. :head:

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On my claims I plant as many king/gopher/watersnakes as possible and wipe out them stinkn' rattlers. Toooooooo many close calls and close strike 5 years ago inches from my hand,miles outback and alone has cured my tolerance--just my take as I kill snake of the rattler genesis--John

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Hi, From the area you found it, and the look I would say speckled rattlesnake (Crotalus Mitchelli). Nice looking King as well!!Hope to make it down to that area someday, and give it a go. Cheers


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