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Found this article this site get quoted


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Well now what do ya know about that... Didn't portray us in a very good light did they just posting the more controversial comments they did! Typical of the media... Don't these media and anti dredging fools know that to many folks this is a living and that many folks at NuggetShooter forums are not "Amateur miners" but very experienced professionals that rely on dredging for income!

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The rant I posted here was because the CDFG was watching forums--and still do. A extremely bad confrontation was about to happen and both parties thought they were being sneaky but this defused the situation--thank god as gunplay helps no one and leaves many victims. Recent posts prove ed this out as FS pukes raid my bud place by happy camp because enviros copied some bs and said he was dredging and 6 cops show uped up on his front porch recently with info provided by environutz--darn'm all to LL-John

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The forums are indeed watched by the "other side" and I even get occasional threatening emails from some of the nuts out there when they do not like a thread demanding it be removed.... No way!

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Also, politely inform them that this is a PRIVATE, yet publicly visible, entity for entertainment and reference and, as such is protected by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. If they take offense to any information seen or represented on this website, they are free to file suit and enjoy paying any and all legal fees when said suit is thrown out before the first appearance.

That, and they can go mate with a tree, salmon, whatever floats their hemp-sheeted, organic-loving ass.

Don't they realize that the UN is playing them, too, and they will end up herded like cattle at the slaughter house when Agenda 21 is further implemented?

Wait, they ARE that stupid!

I wanted to leave a comment on that site, but was NOT going to allow them to "post to my feed" My posts are MINE

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