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Wspa at placerville gold show


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Yo Denny ... I'm curious about why WSPA would have a booth ... The club became so secretive and limited in membership, why would it have a public presence like this ... I'm not being snarky in my question, I really want to understand ... As originally charter member #33, I'm curious as to where the club is heading now days ... Cheers, Unc

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Ron we are trying to get some new claim leases to add for our members, The memberships are almost full as with in the past years,What better way to do that.It is the first year for this we will see how it goes,As they say it can not hurt to try,,

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I'm at the show now, and just finished setting up the booth. Lot's of venders and a good turnout is expected.


The WSPA is committed to bringing in quality gold properties for it's associates. We have a public, information web page with a contact link.

Our member to acre ratio is unmatched by any group. :)

Also to rejoin all you have to do is reapply, members who left in good standing are not subject to a member vote.

Got a claim? let the WSPA care and maintain it in our claims lease program, plus gain 4000 acres + of proven claims to prospect

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Well, geeze, guys that's quite an invite ... Mayhaps I'll re-up even though I almost never hunt club claims ... all the original local ones I had beeped extensively before they were in the club and wasn't very impressed with them ... I do have a 160 acre claim that I might throw into the pot that's produced some chunky gold up to just under an ozt. ... How do I find out what's in the Dubyah vicinity beyond the old original claims from the first year of the WSPA? I'm not much of a traveler nor, as most of you know, very social most of the time ... I generally feel all put out if I have to travel more than an hour or so to put my coil over some nuggster ... Cheers, Unc

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