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Any thoughts on these ...???

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Hey guys ,

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. This rock that i will attempt to post a pic of is a sample of a much larger one that i found. The larger ons measures 6' X 5' X5' . probably weighs a ton. Before i try and get it off the mountain i need to know if it would be worth it. Also would it be worth slabbing or just leave it where it is . Not sure how well the image will appear , it contains green , reds , and a few streaks of bright sky blue. My camera sucks , but this was taken in macro. Thanks again. Lou


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Not sure exactly what you have. I would get a small sample and have your rock club try to indentify it.


They are very familiar with what's in your area. Could have someone slab a piece to see how it looks. I also see signs of wavellite in the photo although not sure if that's what it is.


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Thanks GoldFinger ,

I tracked down a professor who had done a geodetic survey on that mountain and he is going to email the survey results. He also claimed that there is a huge Amethyst deposit there. He also said that mercury had been mined there in the past commercially , asbestos as well. The huge boulder i really want from there has the green starbursts larger than a quarter on the sides and a chunk of the red mineral the size of a basketball. He said his opinion was it was ruby. I think i am going to have to find a rockhounding club here in Phoenix as well as the other clubs i am joining... Thanks again for your opinion on this. Lou

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Sorry, but I think you have a leaverite there. Find the amethyst deposit, and you may have something. :brows:

I had to Google that one.......A fancy way to say "trash" :thumbsupanim


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After countless emails and sending 20 pics to a gem / mineral dealer he agreed that it was wavellite and then offered to buy my 5 pound sample for 100 bucks... now its on it's way to a new home. I am going to keep the trunkload i still have though , didn't plan on selling it in the first place. Phoenix is a crazy place , still amazed that post offices are non existent and you mail things from banks , drug stores , grocers...etc . I LOVE THIS PLACE !!!!

As for the huge boulder... it will become a leaverite for sure. Thanks again everyone for your help .

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