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Got an early start to see if I could get to the cabin, bueatiful day temp in the low 70's,

Only had about 6 blow down trees to cut off the road and not much snow. One drift on a shaded corner and thought to gun it but about 3 ft from the end the quad sank in leaving all 4 tires spinning, took a little digging to get the quad back on solid ground and then pretty smooth to the cabin. Got it opened up from winter storage and it looks like it is time to pack up some grub and go spend a few days.

On the way out went over to a friend that lives year round on the hill and saw that he had his 28 chrysler parked by his cabin. His only means of travel during the winter is the snow mobile. anyway thought his cabin and car would make a good picture





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Allen looks like your friend likes privacy and peace of mind...beautiful country with all those green trees....do

you have gold in those hills?

Thanks for the pics....

Built my cabin on a private placer claim, Good friend of ours. When we are gone the cabin goes to him. largest known nugget from here is 32 oz. largest I found is right at 1 oz.

Some of the pic of the mining operation





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Man alive AnMt I do indeed envy that righteous lil'ol' piece a heaven ya got there. Look forward every year to your opening salvo on yet another mining year. I gotta get outta this darn place and get back to the past like that. Been lookn' hard,long,far and wide but nuttn' yet. Anyhow congrats and your buds car bloody darn well rocks my house and THANX much-tons a au 2 u 2 -John

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