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Colorado Roadless Rule FEIS released - Get the word out!

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I read that thing twice and Have NO IDEA what they were saying.

It just kept repeating it's self and no mention of what they were going to do.

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No map was included to show just how much more PUBLIC land and roads will be closed to Americans. If a map was included I think people may realize how much they stand to lose. Jason, this is not a Colorado Law, it is a federal mandate via the Forest Service. The country already has many millions of acres of wilderness and that is fine we need some. But now they are creating millions of defacto wilderness areas totally bypassing congress and screwing us with their extreme environmental agendas.

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I always say get out there with your kids now while you can, I give it another 20 years or less and you will only be allowed out there with a guided permit only, or not at all. I write my politicians, and never hear anything back. I got 1 back, and it seemed like a mass produced copied email. There will be a time when people have had enough.


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Yes I read each and every word......

Each National Forest can regulate the forest pretty much as they see fit. It all flows with the agenda of the district ranger in charge of that forest. For one minute don't let that verbiage fool you into thinking that they did something very special for Colorado. They are still locking up land that should not be locked up. It's only a special Colorado thing because you Governor had so much agreeable input. He should have been fighting them all the way to keep it all open.

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The main thing to remember here: Roadless areas are typically stepping stones to National Monuments and Wilderness designations.

What is the big difference? Right now they have invalidated any routes or trails for use by recreationists, effectively closing off the means the reach your prospecting, hunting, etc areas via motorized means. You can hike, bike or horse it in, only.

It will not be long before Congress goes for another land grab because the Roadless area isn't being used anymore "so why shouldn't it be preserved with more stringent enforcement?"

I'll also bet folks are getting scrutinized more on any small timer claims in or near this area and others will be withdrawn.

This is UN Agenda 21 at work. Take small steps toward the greater goal of herding humans.

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