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need to know HOW they were mineing au,,,,,

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so I can get a better idea WHERE to hunt for left-overs. I have piles that I was told were hand stacked river rock

-is there gonna be nugets in those piles?

-where did they process the fines? is'nt that where I should look?

I also have hydroic mines in the area,,,,,

-do i run up and down the drain/run-off chute ?

is there a place you can point me to to learn the processes they may have used,,,,, thanks

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yes I have found the smallest bit of trash,,,, so me thinks if there were au there I'd have it also !!!!! thanks gents !!!

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so is this correct thinking,,, they found a deposit of river wash laden with au,,, hand picked the bigger rocks out while shoveling the smaller fines into a wheel barrow or what-ever to move it to the sluice,,,, ran the material thru and that material should be in piles some where near all these rock piles...... those should be worth a look as some au could have gotten thru the sluice correct/no ??

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DIDO what El Dorado said.

If there was gold there , it's Still there.

Go to Bed Rock and do the Slits and Cracks. Clean them puppies out and Pan it.

You WILL FIND GOLD if it's there.

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