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Three guys caught trespassing at Sutter's Mill

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Hi All,

My hunting partners and I secured a large piece of land to search for meteorites.The deal was a 50/50 split with the land owner for all meteorites recovered. We were planning on hunting the land later in the week after checking a couple other hot spots. As I pulled up to the gate three trucks were parked at the location.The land owners employee with his friend and a third truck with a Nevada license plate was also parked at the location.

The employee was aggravated and wanted to know what I was doing as he looked at the other truck. I explained that I had contacted the landowner and had permission to hunt the land.We then walked over to the to the top of the gravel pit and could see three guys hunting the area. The pit supervisor then stated two of these guys were caught trespassing the day before and were told to leave. One of the hunters started to walk up the

hill and one of the other hunters quickly dropped out of site. As the hunter got closer I could see who he was and decided to let the supervisor handle the situation. I was also mad at this point, we had made a deal with the owner only to have these three guys jump the fence and take what ever they wanted without permission. This makes all of us look bad and would shut down permission to other property from these actions.

The three guys were told to leave and not to return. To of the guys are members on this forum. If the supervisor was able to contact the landowner the outcome would have been bad!


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the area to the west is BLM. Go there.

Signs are popping up everywhere to "STAY OUT". I got run off of a road last night, not posted, but not county maintained either. I was just walking the roadway.

Things are tightening up quick.

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Meteorites at sutters mill? Kind of out of the ordinary , of coarse I have probably found a meteorite at one time or another and not known what I had.

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ok I see now, hehe havent watched tv in a week so I didn`t no about them finding pieces out there. Now it makes sense.

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It's sad that greed has overtaken some hunters to the point that they would trespass. I hunted the sutters mill area, and always respected private land. I hate to see Nevada Meteorite hunters reputation ruined by a few individuals. IMHO

Terry Scott

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Yeah, I pulled up to get the goss for the day and they set up right next to my wife's car to video. Then they saw me talking to another searcher and showing my nugget. Wife says to stay away from them. Been on Channel 40 last week and Channel 13 this week. :D

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Hi Sonny and all,

Will call you today while on the road. Would like to know who these guys are.

It looks like I am bringing everything but the kitchen sink this time!

GeoJack, Keep an eye out for us, we can hook up and have lunch or dinner or something. I bought a VZ phone just for this trip! Give me a call sometime and I get you that number...I do not have it in my memory...yet.

BTW, we talked to many land owners. Everyone of them was friendly and allowed us to hunt. One even came to us and asked if we would hunt his land! One of them walked with me for a period of time and told me some history of the area. He stated right where we stood is where there was a Chinese tent every four feet for as far as I could see during the gold rush. Pretty cool. I asked if had ever detected the area and he said no but had found pennies with the square hole in them laying around before. His neighbor had a few Lamas and his you daughter played with them and named one of them Barrack OLama. Very friendly folks up there that we met. We had no issues getting access to land.

All of us also helped the locals ID their rocks and no doubt helped their local economy by a lot. Every business that was open was doing good the entire time we were there. I hope they are mindful of that for the very minor annoyances of folks looking for meteorites.

I had heard all kinds of rumors about the Rangers saying this and that. One of the first things we did was interface with the Rangers. At first, they did not know about the rock collecting rules. I suggested he check on that and he did. Our group had no issues with the Rangers, very friendly and excited to seeing their parking fee boxes filled with money. I'd walk by and they'd ask if we had found anything. One was doing a patrol at one time, just passing by and I yelled at him, "Howz it going?".

He yelled back, "It would be better if I could find something." Of course, he was joking, but there were no issues. Some folks were detecting and they were asked to stop, but that was about it. Nice parks, well maintained. Good food at the restaurants.



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It is ironic that there is a new gold rush at Sutters Mill of the extraterrestrial kind...what are the odds?!?

the current land owners are getting a small taste of what Mr Sutter had to deal with...and the the "natives" before him...


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Sonny There are people in any activity that will give it a black name, they are only thinking about themselves and could care less for all the guys like you,.. that have put so much of your time into making this a rewarding hobby. There are good reasons why property owners put up signs. One that comes to mind is very simple, did you know that you can be held responsible if someone gets hurt on your property, even if you didn't give them permission to be on your property?

We hunted the fall, and asked a few of the owners if we could hunt their property, when the answer came back no,.. we thanked them for their time, and left. Terry, Rob, and myself did a lot of research into the areas we were going to hunt, and there were times after we got to were we needed to be, there was a sign, we had many disappointments, but never set foot on someones property, that we didn't have the owner's permission to hunt on!

There is no need to say who these people are, their names are mud already, the word of mouth, will spell out their fate in the meteorite hunting community. Although each of us only found fragments of this fall, we chalked it up to a learning experience. Some of the highlights of my trip was when I had a deer walked up to me when I was hunting, or the one frog, that I never saw before, there is more to a hunt then just finding a meteorite.

Then of course there was meting some of the top hunters from around the country. There was a great exchange of information on areas that we hunt back in NV, and Arizona from some of the guys that I've never ran into out in the field, and I got to met for the first time, then all the laughs we had about some of the things that have happened to us hunting.

I'm one of the lucky one here in Vegas that get to spend a lot of time out in the desert hunting for meteorites, and I look at every hunt as a learning experience, even when I come home empty-handed. There are plenty of things to learn about every time you go out, maybe that's why the guys that hunt as team Las Vegas primarily do nothing but cold hunts.

Here in NV there are not to many times that you ever have to worry about private property, with all the BLM land we have to hunt. So if there is a sign stay off the property unless you get the owner's permission to hunt on it! What you do out in the field does affect every other hunter,.. that has all the respect in the world for others rights!

Looking forward to seeing you out in the field again!

Rick R

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