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Night hunting

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Sure have ! :head: I would recommend bringing a propane lantern and setting it in the area you are beeping. Use a headlamp as well. The reason for the lantern is hopefully it will attract the bugs more than your headlamp. The bugs in certain times of the year can be really bad using just a headlamp. Also remember that Mountain lions hunt at night... :D:grr01:

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Dont over think it with the night vision stuff. You need regular eyes to see the targets. Its alot harder to hunt at night than it sounds, but it can be alot of fun. Try to do it on a full moon.

Scorpions are all over the place too :tisk-tisk:

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lol @ mike i dont need nite to find the scorpions found 2 saturday under rocks little boogers 2 but the night vision work really well for seeing animals there eyes look like small head lights or might just have to go to cooler place to go beepin in summer here it can still be 95 to 100 at midnight

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scarecrow....I buy Sawyer insect repellent from Cabelas....it's a spray on for your clothes and last for six

washings....kills chiggers...ticks...mites...and mosquitoes....possibly scorpions...don't think it would help

any on mountain lions but I believe (hope they run from the human scent)....

Here in Brazil I do a fair amount of night hunting....but only with a full moon....a lot of trees and vegetation

here plus a lot of really bad snakes....like the ones that like to put the squeeze on you...I worry more about

the "bushmasters" and many many hornets....here one or two people every year are killed by hornet stings....

The only light I use is a small two cell AA rechargeable with red lens when digging....reason for the red

lens is some of the folks here live in the jungle and will come to a light at night....these type of folks are the

kind you don't want to have anything to do with...

Wear long pants....long sleeved shirts and some kind of covering on your head that will protect your head

and neck....leg protection is a must have...

Be sure your GPS has good batteries so you can find your truck later....good luck and have fun...

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Night is for stuffn' my face and lovn' as toooooooooooooooooooo many things go bump in the night and where I mine too many bears also,bummer to look up and 10' from your face-- :ROFL: John

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Problem is them buggers are everywhere but on the border.

Hell, they stopped me 75 miles North of the Border.

Lucky for me I had Two more cold Red Dog Beers and Brats for them.

After that they decided they had better things to do.


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i still have to get some time but wanna go :head: not worried about the BP maybe they will bring beer half the area in the mountain area here is camping area also so there is usually someone out there maybe with this new fee's law some of these people/company's will drop some of the thousands of acers they have tied up no one can go on to bad blm gave so much good gold ground to the tribes bla.. ah my doggie would love to go oh but she hates gun's being shot if i had to shoot somthing i would have to go find her she would hit the road prolly beat me home..

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