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Found a good crystal Saturday

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Camped out at the Date Creek Crystal site in Arizona Friday night and managed to score this awesome Elestial Scepter Quartz point after an hour or so of digging. I also dug up several other points while I was there but this one was the best.

6cm x 3cm x 2cm



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Thanks guys........

Steve, I've never had an issue digging at this well published quartz locality. The site itself is located on state land, just a stones throw away from BLM land to the east. I think it is in Hunt unit 20C, but not sure. The road is public, always open , and well graded right to the site. There was one other individual out there poking around as well.

It would be a good idea to obtain a State Land Recreation Permit though so you can park on, camp, hike, ect.


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I was out in that area years ago. Someone else took me out there so I don't remember how to get there anymore. Do you take the Date Creek exit off 93? Doesn't look that difficult to get to in any case.

I read something about three years ago or so where some quartz crystal location near Date Creek was off limits. Is that the only location in that area or are there some more scattered around?

Anyway, that's probably the best one I've seen come out of there. :thumbsupanim Looks like it has some magical powers. :hide: Again- congrats.


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Thanks Terry...

Steve ,

the road is: Date Creek Ranch Road. (There is a sign posted but hard to see) You can miss it easily , and speed right by it if not observant. A car will get ya there no problem.

As for being the only location? Yep , I think so. the deposit is pretty big ,and crystals can be found on both sides of the road, but I think the bigger, nicer ones can be procured at the little low hill circled on the topo map. The exact coordinates to the hill are on the map too. you cant miss the low hill though, as there are old diggs all over it.

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Yo Adam ... Like others, I had heard that the site was shut off a few years back ... A local guy who's family goes way back brought me a big buck of the crystals...nothing as nice as this one ... He wanted me to see if I could sell them for him ... I tried a little bit, but crystals aren't my bag so I gave the bucketful back to him ... Congrats on that beauty!!!! ... Cheers, Unc

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I know Max (gilaoro ) had mentioned that the road was closed a while back but I went out there when he said that ,and it was open and just fine. There is another road north of there that I think was closed , but thats not the right one anyway.

Its getting hot though, and Diamond Point in Payson has some amazing crystals to be found.

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