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Rock/Mineral/Gemstone Identification?

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Hello all, I am new to the site and have enjoyed browsing the forums. I recently came into posession of a rock/mineral that I have been unable to identify and was wanting to get some of your opinions before I took it any farther. The next post has a link to the pics. I haven't done much personal testing but I can say that it would not scratch with a pocket knife and it tested positive for diamond with my DiamondNite DN1 tester. The tester is not definitive so thought I would try and get some help! Thanks and looking forward to see what you think!


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It looks like quartz to me, hard to tell for sure though, you could try a hardness test.

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Welcome to the forum! Have you checked hardness yet as Rex suggested? I thought a couple specimens I had were a blue/green quartz, but turned out to be Fluorite. Found it to be easily scratched with a knife so investigated further...

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