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Another Blue Bowl Question


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I’m need of a little advice about my recently purchased blue bowl. I make sure the blue bowl is level, use the recommended additive like jet blue, use a 30 mesh classifier, start the water run slow and run up to 1 inch to ¼ inch below the top of the blow. It seems no matter how little or how much concentrate I add to the blue bowl or adjust the water level I’m loosing more gold than I’m pulling out and not all of the stones are removed from the blue bowl. I have seen blue bowl demonstrations in person and on YouTube, and as expected they all work just great.

After reading thru some of the forum comments today I get the feeling I should be using only 50 to 100 mesh classified material thru my blue bowl and run the water to the top of the bowl. Would it be best to run 30, 12, and so on mesh thru my blue miner wheel? I’m very open to any and all suggestions to improve my blue bowl and blue miner wheel operation.

Cheers, Beers, & Gold

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Use the wheel for 50+ mesh and bowl for 50- and throw away those insipid new instructions. Classify them cons for the wheel with nothing being over 50% bigger,run to capture all the black sands and gold,then tilt wheel straighter up to remove gold from nuttn' but black sands. You have thusly classified not only to size but also specific gravity and increases much your final recovery. Work smarter and not harder and prosper. Run cons in the winter or when ungodly hot so as to NOT waste pleasent weather on them but concentrate on the HUNT-tons a au 2 u 2 -John :thumbsupanim omg my emoticons are back finally YAHOO

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