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What is the best on line free map system, sombody told me that bing has a better satalite system than google, but I can't find it.

Looking for both topo and satalite images the latest most up to date out there if there is such a thing. Got a couple of old mine sites I'm trying to find.


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Here's a link to Bing Maps,


Bing doesn't have topos, but I found this blog on how to overlay "ESRI tiles" onto Bing maps, I don't know much about what the blog talks about, but if you do maybe it will help.



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I just tried the Bing sat imaging and it totally sucks compared to google earth .... Resolution is about 25% of GE ... On Bing I can barely make out the image of my house ... On GE I can see my dog in the back yard! For me, Bing is worthless in identifying mineral features ... GE has put me onto several ounces of the happy yella! Cheers, Unc

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Hello Ron. Were you using the Birds Eye?.....I have used it around Lake Havasu, and it's much better than GE. Perhaps your area isn't available? I'm not sure just how widespread it is at this time.


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When your on Bing try the Aerial, instead of the birds eye, the clarity is much better. I have been using it for 6 months now to zoom in on places of interest that I see on google earth.


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