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Hello All!

I am a complete greenhorn so any advice is greatly appreciated.

I reside near the Jemez Mountain range and have come across a small amount of ore that seems to be very high in copper/gold content and am unsure of what to do with it.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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Crush a few pieces into a fine powder. Then put it into a pan with some water and a little jet dry or just dish soap. Pan the material very, very cafefully. Hardrock gold can be tiny. If you get some colors, then the ore is free-milling and probably good grade. If there is only a small amount of ore available, then there is no sense in investing in crushers. If the ore is hard, you might have someone slice a piece in half. Gold will show nicely (will glare brightly in the sun) when ore is cut with a diamond blade. Have fun.

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