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This is a good subject for all prospectors, here a search results link to help you get started.


The internet is a wonderful tool, with simple search words you can find a vast information resource, information from such a research can be discussed in depth in threads such as this one.

Once you do some research on this subject you can ask more specific questions that will bring more responses from knowledgeable members of this and other forums, geology for gold prospecting is complicated at the very least and depending on the type of gold deposits specific questions needs to be asked.

Also understanding basic geology will help you greatly when it comes to learning about geology in gold prospecting, I would recommend taking a geology 101 course to help with the learning curve and terminologies used in geology, here's a link to an online course that may help with that, you can find other such courses by doing a internet search.


If any of you other members have any links that will help within this topic please post them.


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SC---been mining for over 56 years and still learning something new everyday so settle in for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog learning curve as technology advances-tons a au 2 u 2 -John

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One of my favorite books, "The Rockhouind and Prospector's Bible", by L. J. Ettinger.

Great book for beginners and pros alike.

Rocks, minerals, gemstones and prospecting.

Teaches basic geology, mineral I.D. and some propecting techniques.

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over here in quartzsite there is alot of different kinds or rocks/mountains where gold is found and different quartz big mixing bowl drove thru deablo pass this morning has 2 hills the are all green bed rock also some white quartz but most of the quartz in that area is white red black and green mixed would look good in my drive way lol

then little farther up the road turns to lava looking rocks big bolders and areas of caliche coming around the other side and up back side of marquetta pass also is back side of middle camp mountains much of the same and add in red and gray hills bed rock is exposed in many areas in the main washes in bolth deablo and marquetta passes i have only been decting in there last 2 days with no luck yet but haveing to quit early 95 degrees at 1pm is getting little to warm

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:D The series of booklets by the great Jim Straight rocks this miners world--great info applicable to anystate and in every way-tons a au 2 u 2 -John :wubu:
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