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I graduated with a degree in Anthorpology and worked as an Archaelogical Technician for a couple of years when I was younger. During that time, I saw a lot of ground stone artifacts throughout th central valley of California. Although the type of rock displayed in the video is different then the rocks I am used to seeing, they appear to have the same characteristics of a morter. Given the symetry, size, and smoothness I would find it very unlikely that they were naturally formed. Most likely they are Native American artifacts. Nice ones at that.

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Woodsy is right on....the Indians would use these to mortise their corn to a powder....then mix it with a little

water or milk and then cook it on a flat hot rock....an early day "pan cake"....some of my old kin folks used

to do that (with modern pans) and as you might guess they tasted like $..t....

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