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Guess I'll do some Drywashing

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Good luck Bill! :miner:

Been thinkin the same thing, and was wondering about the rain down that way We got a good soaker up here in Prescott

Me too...Just picked up a drywasher and have not had it out yet. Daughter's first b-day party this weekend but next weekend I am going to make some dust. :ROFL:

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Right on Bill, good luck out there. I finally scored a keene 151 and the 25" spiral concentrator wheel to top it off. Got a killer deal at the gold show. Unfortunatly Its gonna have to sit in my garage till i get back from a 3 week school in texas. On the plus side, ill be fishing OH Ivie the next 3 weekends.. hopefully ill have some fat bass to post in the fishing section. The lake is producing the biggest bass in the country right now. Im bringing 65lb braid, gopro headcam and a clean pair of shorts.


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Yo Billy...I got out today and found a new patch, which I'll post about later in a different thread, but driving back to my truck there was a fuzzy looking guy with a truck like yours on one of the RR claims that goes across Mine Road ... Had a hell of a dust up going on and I figured it was you until I drove up and he sic'd his nasty dog on me, all two pounds of it!!!! That little miniature poodle would have ripped my throat out and ate my ATV tires if it could have caught me!!!! :rolleyes: Good luck with your drywasher ... The ground I dug today at LSD was dryer than a preacher's wife's dreams .... Cheers, Unc

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