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Need Hunting Buddy to Carpool from Las Vegas to Coloma

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Hi Everyone,

I will be leaving Las Vegas tomorrow (Friday) 4/27 about 1 pm to search for the Coloma Meteorite, and I will be returning to Las Vegas late Sunday night. I am looking for 1 person to help with gas expenses and to split a motel for 2 nights. I estimate your share of the cost for travel & motel to be about $150 + your food.

My son Jason has been at ground zero since Wednesday and I have been providing intel. As of tonight, I have all the information to put us in good hunting ground. This would be a good opportunity for you to hunt with experienced meteorite hunters.

So if your in Las Vegas and want to go, please email me at: findameteorite@hotmail.com and leave your number and I will call you back ASAP.

Hope to hear from you,

Dale Romero

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Sorry everyone, I have found a person to ride with me. Thanks for all your reponses!

Good luck to anyone else going up to Coloma for this adventure. I'm looking forward to reporting my new finds! ;)

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Thanks, Dale, I'm planning to go hunt Lotus/Coloma this weekend - it's the first chance I've had to look for meteorites. One question, in your experience will a carbonaceous chrondite beep on a metal detector (TDI)?

best of luck!

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We'll be back down there on Sunday. Hope to meet you as well and good luck.

Projection of the strewn field is progressing to the west for the larger pieces. Heard today NASA will be bringing in helicopters to scout the terrain for them in the hills and grasslands. Terrain is private lands, river, overgrown hillsides and open grasslands with oaks. Obviously we were one of the lucky ones, or at least my wife was. Very happy dinner tonight in our house.

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