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My Dredge weight is over 350 # pounds

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I'm almost finish with my dredge.It's weighting in at almost 350 # and 4 X 8 foot long. It's a 4 inch dredge with 11hp engine.It weights around 200 # upfront and 150 in the aft (rear).I hope to use two plastic 55 gal's upfront and two plastic 35 gal in the rear.Is this to much floation.I was hoping for lower weight but this is it.I'm afraid I might not get it in the water less I have a ramp.Are there any rivers that can be dredge with this setup in NC/SC/GA any where in the south west/east ?Thanks for any help




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charles: you need to consider the rear weight/balance when it's full of water/material... while the two 35g barrels may be fine dry,

when you are running it will at least double/or/more the rear wt. load.. I once built a vw powered 8" with a 24"x8' box (wt of 1000#+)

and used 8 35g barrels for flotation. Ck the bouancy rating for the 35 and 55 gal barrels are go from there. You definately don't

want the discharge to be neutral or high when pumping!! Nice looking outfit you've got there, too bad you can't bring it to Cali. and

use it... Keep a close eye on regulators in your state!!


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Again, as said.

Sounds like you built a Cool High Banker there!

If you can just trailer it to the waters edge you have it made.

You may be able to get away with just One up Front and one in back.

You need to get on top and service it so you may want a third. Middle?

Water per gal is 8lbs and some.


8.345404(Water Weight per Gal) * 55 = 458.99722lb Per Drum. That is the Lift the Drums will provide.

Finding some place you can float it and get it in is going to be your problems.

I would just change it to a High Banker and use it the same.

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Wow, 11HP with a 3X4 pump for a 4" dredge without air, kind of like shooting a rat with a 44. Also remember that when it is running you will be adding 100-150lbs of water to the sluice. I am sure you could go with 4 of the smaller barrels.......

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Hi this is the outcome when one newbe buy's before reseach.I've been buying the parts for a year and half.I've done alot of reseach now and know my big mistakes.My thinking a year ago was I need a 3X4 pump for a 4 inch dredge.LOL.I do plan to put a winch and air on it.Not picture is my hoses and other stuff about all is included in the 300 to 350 weight.This will no doubt be a team dredge.I'm retired at 50 so I have all the time in the world and can go anywhere.

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