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Sloba prosopectors the world over have the same problems with "mother nature"....yesterday and today I have the same

problem.....just have to stay calm and wait for better days....glad Luka is doing good....

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Narkoza, I am planning a trip next year to Novi Sad and will be visiting Majdanpek. My cousin has an apartment which I can use anytime I want. I am looking forward to doing some panning and exploring the area and learning about the history. If you can find one of those traditional pans za ispiranje zlata...made from wood I would love one for my collection. Hold it for me and I will buy it from you. Hope your having good luck with the gold. From your photos of the gold you have found, it appears you are in a good location..never give up, its there !

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Hi Sloba....good to see your doing ok and posting again.....say hi to Luka for me....is the weather there getting

any warmer and has the snow melted away?....wish I could see you put that sluice in the river.....

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Sloba here in Brasil where I live it never snows but November-April we have a lot of rain....it has

slowed down a lot now....I drove about 35 km this morning to some old areas that I haven't been

to for 12 years....their over grown with weeds and small trees so much it's impossible to use a


At first I went to two small streams that normally have only a trickle of water this time of year to use

my water proof coil with my GPX4000 but the water was much to deep....another month and there

will be little water....so you and I both have to wait it out with "mother nature"....

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Do you have a general idea as to how deep it is buried? Just curious. Hope you find it!


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Sloba I think the coins are very shallow because most tractors don't go deeper than about 6 inches when

cultivating for crops....I think the Gold Bug DP with the 11" DD coil would do very well finding other coins

still there that may be a little deeper.....if you get good weather so you can use your sluice you won't have

to wait for a year to buy the Gold Bug....

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Nice looking gold from Serbia, I had no idea there was gold over their, you have done very well keep up the good work.

I have a doughter in-law who lives in Belgrade, but just came over for a few months while my son is in Kabol Afgan. working.

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