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El Dorado

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Finally done with this little project. I put Sloba's new sluice, a couple of nugget vials, a scoop, A turkey baster typr of sucker bottle and my old well used crevice tool that during my dredging days helped recover untold amount of nuggets. It is now in Priority mail headed to Serbia. Post office says 10 day transit time...... customs tracking # isCP887318410US

A few of you here have offered to help pay for this project. Please PM or email me and details will be worked out from there.

Mrs Eldorado saw this sluice and suggested we get one for ourselves. It is the most portable sluice I have ever seen and the rubber riffle set is very good looking and will last a very very long time... I think I will have to get one......

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Glad to hear this news Sloba....good example what can happen when using your head and sampling.....I

love to hear about the shallow gravel to bedrock and the big cracks in the bedrock....you'll surprised what

comes out of there....good work

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Gold rush: California's weekend warriors discover prospecting


FRESNO, Calif. – High gold prices have made prospecting the hottest new hobby for California’s weekend warriors.

With the precious metal still selling for more than $1,600 an ounce even after a mild correction, amateurs and even a few pros are hiking mountain trails and panning streams in the Golden State, enjoying nature and, with any luck, turning a profit in the process.

“People are looking for fun that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money,” said Nancy Roberts, president of Central Valley Prospectors. “But maybe you can make some money.”

Roberts has been a gold hunter for more than a quarter of a century, and she’s found plenty of the yellow stuff. She carries a 1 ounce nugget in her purse and, in a pinch, she’s sold gold she found to make ends meet.

“I’ve paid bills, I’ve paid rent. I’ve bought tires for my truck, I’ve fixed my vehicle,” Roberts said. “I didn’t find gold in order to pay for stuff or to sell it. I really found gold because I really had a great interest in it and I still do.”

But Roberts is no Fred C. Dobbs, the Humphrey Bogart character in “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” who jealously guarded his prospecting secrets. She shares her tips and techniques with members of the Central Valley Prospectors, taking them to the San Joaquin River in the Friant area of Fresno where they pan tributaries for flecks of gold washed down from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

“We’re just out in the beautiful country, it’s the way God wanted it,” said Betty Beggs, who at age 86 is a 14-year veteran of weekend prospecting. “I love it.”

Beggs goes out with her daughter, Robin, and son-in-law, Allen Volpa.

“You get that same feeling every time you find gold,” said Volpa. “If it’s a big flake or a little flake, it’s like a treasure hunt. It’s awesome.”

In addition to panning, a common small-scale prospecting technique is using a sluice box to sift through sediment and turn up flecks. The sluice box serves as a water channel and has a riffled bottom that captures gold because it weighs more than other sediment. The prospector simply scoops a load of sand and gravel onto the sluice box and gathers the shiny yellow particles that collect in the riffles after everything else washes through. It’s faster and more efficient than panning and is a small-scale version of the way big mining operations separate valuable gold from useless rocks and mud.

“If it’s a big flake or a little flake, it’s like a treasure hunt. It’s awesome.”

- Allen Volpa

Roberts also turns up gold by ‘hard rock gold mining,’ or using a metal detector to find chunks of quartz with veins of gold embedded in them. She then breaks up the rock and separates the gold from the pulverized quartz. Roberts said the metal detecting technique has led to her best discoveries, including the omnipresent nugget. A metal detector also turned up what may be the state’s luckiest find ever, when a Nevada County man used one to find an 8.2-pound gold nugget in his own yard in 2011. He auctioned off his amazing discovery for $400,000.

The gold boom has brought people flocking to California’s old mining ghost towns, according to the Department of Conservation Office of Mine Reclamation. But not all of the state’s new wave of gold hunters are innocent amateurs. Authorities say professionals with heavy equipment and industrial tools are going after gold, sometimes illegally. The State Mining and Geology Board has fined Joseph Hardesty more than $1 million for operating what it says is an illegal operation at Big Cut Mine, in Northern California. Hardesty insists he merely runs a legitimate sand and gravel extraction business, but the state claims he’s after gold and is doing damage to the land.

"This is a blatant disregard for state law,” said Stephen Testa, executive director of the State Mining and Geology Board. “It’s individual’s mining without a permit. The adverse effect, of course, is environmental.”

But for most folks who simply love the outdoors and don’t mind living an age-old American Dream while doing it, Roberts recommends doing it her way. And while you may never get rich hunting gold, her nugget is a constant reminder that you can do all right.

“I’m never broke if I have this in my pocket,” she said, holding it up to admire.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/18/gold-rush-california-weekend-warriors-discover-prospecting/#ixzz1siL7zp1X

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Sloba is that different gold from yesterday? I think you have found a good stream for good gold....how long did you pan to

get this gold today?....

By sampling you learn where the gold is and where the gold is not and also pay attention where you find gold and you will

learn how to "read" the stream to find gold...

Thanks for the pic....sure is beautiful gold...

Also if you would borrow a piece of cloth from your wife in solid Red....Green....or Black it will show the gold

better in the pics....

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Sloba... now you are getting how sampling works. Pretty soon you will know the good places to work with the sluice.....As exciting as this is, you definitely need to keep quiet about your discoveries!

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Sloba... now you are getting how sampling works. Pretty soon you will know the good places to work with the sluice.....As exciting as this is, you definitely need to keep quiet about your discoveries!

X-2 :shhhhh: Sharing while finding not so good - sharing after spot has been worked better :inocent:

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Sloba it looks like you have a "gold mine" in that small creek....now you understand how much gold can be in

the cracks of bedrock....think of bedrock with cracks as a very big sluice...

Sluice the material above the bedrock and then clean out the cracks after you have uncovered an area....good

pics and I'm very happy for you and Luka.....

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Very hard to say the weight but you can tell the gold is from two different sources by the color.......Sloba... you are going to do well as long as it's kept a secret and you do not start a gold rush. You will also have to be very careful when you try to sell the gold.....

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I don't know about you guys but I am very impressed with the quantity of gold he's pulling out WOW!! :wubu: If the conditions stay right then you might be on your way to a real good payday. That's what you deserve for thinking outside the box and taking advantage of whats around you. :ya::nono::shhhhh::inocent:

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Very nice job Sloba, that is seriously impressive! I would say 1.5 grams. Keep up the good work. Hopefully you will have a big pile of gold soon.

Sorry I didnt get to pitch in on the sluice. By the time I saw the post Steve already had it taken care of by the awesome people on this forum.

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Sloba here's a very handy item you can use when panning that will help your back problems......this one

is metal but most of the farmers here make their's out of wood....post-300-0-20103600-1335352407_thumb.jpg post-300-0-94285400-1335352445_thumb.jpg if you made one of these stools and had a

metal leg made from two different sizes of metal tubing and drill several hole in it then you could

adjust it for different water depths....hook a belt to it and it goes where you go.....

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Sloba that is wonderful.....you will have a paying stream IF YOU CAN KEEP IT SECRET!!!! Beautiful gold and remember the

good spots to run your sluice at...

Your total gold now I would guess is 5 grams....

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Sloba at the waterfall how wide is the waterfall and the stream below....how far does the water fall....your good gold should

be just down stream from where the waterfall hits the stream and where the water starts to flatten out or slow down....that's

also where the deep hole will start to get shallow....so if your walking up stream in shallow water looking at the waterfall and

the water suddenly starts to get deeper your good gold will be under your feet and behind you.....

Just today I was thinking about your safety on the river....I was going to ask you if people get robbed on the rivers there....you

did the right thing when you were hiding from the other people....yes the Colt Peacemaker would make a big hole in a thief

and don't ever go to the river without it....I hope you have fresh ammo for it....here is the history of


Colt Revolver

Samuel Colt got the idea of designing a pistol with a revolving cylinder containing several bullets which could be fired through a single barrel while he was working as a seaman. On his return to the United States he continued to work on his invention and in 1835 he patented his five-shot revolver. It was a revolutionary design as it transformed a firearm into a multiple-shot device.

In 1836 Colt established his Patent Arms Manufacturing company in Paterson, New Jersey. As well as his five-shot revolvers, he produced rifles and shotguns. John Coffee Haysof the Texas Rangers purchased colt revolvers for his men. The Comancheswere used to fighting against men armed with single-shot guns and suffered heavy casualties at Plum Creek (1840) and Enchanted Rock (1841).

Despite this success sales were generally slow and in 1842 he was forced to close down his factory. Over the next few years he worked on a device that could set off an underwater explosive by remote control. Later he became involved in telegraph technology and developed the first underwater telegraph cable.

In 1847 Colt designed a six-shot Walker revolver. Soon afterwards the United States government ordered 1,000 revolvers for use in the Mexican War. Colt was now in a position to establish a new factory in Hartford, Connecticut. By 1855 Colt had the largest private arms manufacturing facility in the world. He produced a wide variety of different revolvers. His Navy Colt was especially popular with gunfighters like Wild Bill Hickok.

During the American Civil War Colt's factory sold 300,000 revolvers and a 100,000 rifles. These guns were purchased by both sides.

Samuel Colt died on 14th January, 1862. His wife, Elizabeth Colt, took over the running of the company that now employed 1,500 workers.

Colt's most popular revolver, the Peacemaker, was produced for the first time in 1873. It was produced in a variety of caliber and barrel lengths. The version with an extra long barrel was known as the Buntline Special.


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