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Hello, My name is Brian and I am from Southeast/Central Missouri. Actually, about 50 miles southeast of St. Louis. I am new to prospecting and panning. I own and have access to quite a bit of land throughout my region and the Ozark Mountains. I was wandering if anyone could tell me why everyone says that there is no gold in Missouri. If not, why? I have done a little bit of panning on my own property and have found a quite of bit of flake. Granted it took me a few months of panning to accumulate my flakes, but I know its here. If anyone could give me any tips to finding where to look for gold it would be much appreiciated.

Thank You, Brian

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Welcome to the forum. I'm from St Louis myself. I'm not a geologist but I think it's very possible the Ozarks could have had native gold many eons ago but has eroded away since then. Just my opinion. Ozarks have some of the oldest mountains in the USA and who knows how high they were or what they contained- mineral wise.. Again- just my opinion

The only gold found these days in Missouri are from the lead ores that are being mined in the ozarks as welll as some glacial gold from Canada that's being found in a few of the streams in central and northern Missouri. I bet that's where your gold came from. I panned a couple streams years ago and found some flakes but it really wasn't worth it since it was quite a drive for me.

I had a buddy of mine from Indiana that did quite good. The first time I met him in Arizona, he was carrying a couple vials of gold that he panned during the weekends. But panning is very slow and inefficient. If you could use a small dredge or even a sluice box in the right spot, it's possible you could do quite well. But you better check the rules and regulations to see what can be used- where.


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